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Call for applications to the Pufendorf IAS are now open

A group of people sitting in a meeting at Pufendorf institute.

The Pufendorf Institute for Advanced Studies announces yearly calls for application to Themes and Advanced Study Groups. Researchers at Lund University are now invited to apply for Themes and Advanced Study Groups, starting in 2024.

Theme applications

A Theme must be innovative in nature and revolve around a research issue which can best be solved through knowledge from several disciplines in collaboration.  Focus should be on paving the way for future research opportunities.  
Researchers at Lund University are now invited to apply for the opportunity to establish a Theme at the Pufendorf IAS starting in September of 2024. The application must be received by the Institute no later than December 11 2023.

Call for Themes, starting in September 2024  

ASG applications

An Advanced Study Group (ASG) gathers researchers from different disciplines around a shared research issue. An ASG provides an opportunity to exchange ideas and perspectives on a research issue that is still at a very early stage of development.

Advanced Study Groups are admitted twice a year through an open call.

The application deadline for groups starting in February is November 10th 2023. Deadline for applications to start an ASG in September is May 10th 2024.

Open call for Advanced Study Groups (ASG) 

Facts about the Pufendorf IAS

The Pufendorf IAS (Pufendorfinstitutet) is an interdisciplinary institute at Lund University. We support researchers from all faculties at Lund University – from science and medicine to the humanities and arts – to work together on a scientific problem. The aim is to be a creative forum, an incubator for new ideas and a springboard for new research initiatives.

Video with The Pufenrdorf institut's director Stacey Ristinmaa Sörensen.

Applying for a Theme with the Pufendorf IAS. Watch a Q&A with the Pufendorf IAS’s director Stacey Ristinmaa Sörensen