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Forum Medicum opens its doors

Forum Medicum from the exterior with an orchester playing in front of it.
Photo Agata Garpenlind.

The Faculty of Medicine’s new knowledge centre, Forum Medicum, has been inaugurated with great pomp and ceremony. During August, staff and students moved into the building and filled the premises. Forum Medicum brings together the University’s health sciences and biomedical research and education at a single knowledge centre in the middle of the Knowledge Highway on Sölvegatan, directly adjacent to the University Hospital in Lund.

The inauguration of Forum Medicum was celebrated in a festive manner on 30 August with music, aerial acrobatics and a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Vice-Chancellor Erik Renström described the building as “The gem on Sölvegatan”.

Forum Medicum will be home to about 170 research teams, 1,600 staff and 2,000 students. The centre brings together academia, industry, healthcare and the general public to promote interdisciplinary collaborations in medicine and the life sciences.

Welcome to Forum Medicum

Forum Medium will be a new meeting place for the University’s staff and students in the middle of the Knowledge Highway. The large atrium and café/restaurant are open to everyone. There is ample seating in the open areas and many benches outside around the building. With its many study spaces, the building gives the University’s students the opportunity to use the open study areas and the teaching facilities that are not booked.

The atrium inside Forum Medicum with acrobats hanging from the roof.
The atrium at Forum Medicum with acrobats hanging from the celing in front of an audiance. Photo: Agata Garpenlind.

According to the manager of the Forum Medicum project, Jakob Donnér, the best place in the building is the foyer.

“Just to stand there after 10 years of work on the vision, project and construction and see all the colleagues and students spreading like ants in all directions through the building. There is life and movement the whole time and everyone seems so happy. It is both surprising and pleasing that the acoustics are so good pretty much everywhere in the building.”

Photo from the restaurant and café Stamstället. Photo: Ingemar Hultqvist.
The restaurant and café Stamstället. Photo Ingemar Hultqvist.

The restaurant/café, Stamstället, offers an eat in or take away option from a selection that includes soup, meat/fish, vegan/vegetarian dishes and a salad bar.

The restaurant and café Stamstället. Photo Ingemar Hultqvist.
The restaurant and café Stamstället. Photo Ingemar Hultqvist.

A new meeting centre offers venues of various sizes (including meeting rooms in the older buildings). As of 1 November, staff from outside the Faculty of Medicine can book meeting rooms. Using eduroam, wireless connection to screens is simple and the technical equipment in the rooms makes it easy to hold online meetings.

The Movement and Reality lab with a simulated home environment. Photo: Ingemar Hultqvist.
The Movement and Reality lab with a simulated home environment.

Forum Medicum has a new full-scale laboratory, MoReLab (Movement and Reality Lab), for experimental health sciences research. It is the first of its kind in Sweden and contains, among other things, simulated housing for the study of home environments.

The workplaces for researchers and teaching staff in the new part of Forum Medicum consist for the most part of open plan workspaces with personal desks. The teaching facilities are mainly made up of active learning classrooms with the latest technical equipment, along with a large number of group and supervision rooms. The teaching staff have already found a way to work in this new learning environment and adapt their teaching methods to the opportunities provided by the new spaces.

Forum Medicum is one of the biggest investments made by Akademiska Hus and Lund University and was completed on time and within budget. The building has been given Gold ”Miljöbyggnad” certification from the Swedish Green Building Council and active work has been conducted to reduce climate impact through the reuse of materials and efficient energy usage.

The architect, Ingela Larsson of Henning Larsen Architects, emphasises the building’s flexibility and sustainability for the future. The building is designed to be adaptable to changing needs in education and research over time and is constructed using materials that are intended to endure.

Key facts about Forum Medicum

Building work started on Forum Medicum in May 2020, and the total area is 21 000 square metres (includes 12,000 square metres of new space and the renovation of 9,000 square metres of the Biomemical Centre (BMC)) on Sölvegatan in Lund. Together with the existing buildings BMC (35 000 square metres) it becomes a total square metres of 57 000, Which is the University's largest joint center.

About 4000 students and emloyees will work and study in the premises.

Henning Larsen Architects are the architects.

The project, which was been finished before schedule and to budget, is one of Akademiska Hus’ and Lund University’s biggest ever joint investments.

Forum Medicum has achieved the highest environmental building classification – Gold level, which means that the building has low energy consumption. The project has also focused actively on reducing its climate impact through the reuse of materials such as outdoor pavers and stone dust, as well as not using cabins for the builders but housing them instead within the premises.