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Charge cards

Here you can read more about how to handle payments when travelling.

Private cards

Employees of Lund University who have work-related expenses are offered a Eurocard (charge card) with personal payment liability in lieu of travel advances.

Eurocard’s private card: 

  • Accepted everywhere.
  • SEK 0 in card charging fees and SEK 0 in annual fees.
  • Personal use also permitted. 
  • Provides possibilities for cash withdrawals. 
  • As of 1 January 2018, preferential insurance is not included.
  • Secure code included for online purchases.
  • Via "Mitt Eurocard" på nätet och i appen "Eurocard Service" ser du dina utlägg, både fakturerade och ännu ej fakturerade.
  • The invoice is sent to the card holder (private individual) and reimbursements for business expenses are accounted for in the travel accounting system. To avoid invoicing fees (paid by the University) we prefer that you register for electronic invoicing with your bank, or that you pay via direct debit.
  • Purchases made during the calendar month are invoiced the following month. The invoice must be paid within 30 days.
  • Reimbursement of expenses is made twice a month, one of which is carried out in connection with the payment of salaries.

The head of department/equivalent assesses which employees meet the requirements for business-related expenses and determines if the employees concerned should have access to a private card.

Application Eurocard private card

Your head of department sends an email giving your name to lev [at] eken [dot] lu [dot] se. You receive a link containing instructions to apply for the card. Within one week, you will have your personal Eurocard.

Instructions for using a private card (PDF 225 kB, in Swedish, new window)

Eurocard customer service
Telephone: +46 8 14 67 37
Eurocard’s customer service webpage (in Swedish)

Purchase account/Virtual card

In cases where there is a need to make online purchases, departments/equivalent may apply for a purchase account.

Eurocard purchase account:

  • A business account that can be used for making online purchases that cannot be paid for by any other means, for example, through invoice.
  • The account is not a physical card and can only be used for making online purchases.
  • All purchases are presented on one invoice that is sent electronically to Lund University.
  • Secure code is included for online purchasing. 
  • The account information is personal and must not be revealed to anyone except the person applying for the purchasing account.

The head of department/equivalent determines if there is a need for a purchasing account. An explanation, signed by the head of department/equivalent, stating the intentions for the card must be included with the application. The application is requested from and sent to the Finance division, internal mailing code 31.

A virtual card may be issued in emergencies where the department has not considered it necessary to obtain a purchase account. The card can be issued for a single or several transactions, for a limited sum and is only valid for a limited period of time. In such cases, contact the Finance division, ext. 24600 or lev [at] eken [dot] lu [dot] se

Note that the purchase account and virtual card are not intended for general transactions but rather for exceptional cases in which invoices are not an option.

Travel advances

Pursuant to the general agreement for government employees, Chapter 10, section 10, upon agreement with the head of department/equivalent, employees (travellers) are entitled to an advance of travel expenses and a subsistence allowance.

Please note that if travellers do not receive a regular salary from the university they CANNOT receive a travel advance. If in doubt about whether or not an advance should be considered as a travel advance or salary advance, contact the salary secretary responsible before any payment is made.

The handling of travel advances is a time-consuming and complicated process. In order to decrease the number of travel advances and reduce processing times, it is recommended that employees apply for a charge card with personal payment liability, known as a private card – see above.

You apply for travel expense advances through SSC Primula.

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