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In case of emergency

In an emergency, always – call 112

Remember to dial 0-112 if you are calling via your office landline.

You will find other important telephone numbers further down.

University security control centre – 20 700

The security control centre number is a 24-hour service. When you call +46 46 222 07 00, you will reach a University security officer who can provide assistance in insecure situations, if you have been locked out or if you discover something that requires urgent action. If necessary, the security officer will help direct your call to the security unit or, if it is outside of office hours, to an officer on call. The phone number is on the back of all recently issued LU cards and by the entrances to all University buildings.

Report all incidents

No incident is too small to report, your information is valuable to us!

Incidents could include:

  • unauthorised persons
  • damage
  • burglaries
  • theft
  • hate, threats or violence

Report the incident in KeyConcept. Log in with your Lucat ID and select language.

Go to the incident report form

When you report an incident in KeyConcept, you can receive help to ensure that all necessary reports and contacts are made.

Lost LU card and keys

Access cards and keys are only to be used by the holder and must not be lent to someone else. If you lose your LU card, you must cancel it immediately. Inform your manager if you have lost your keys.

Go to the LU card website if you have lost your LU card

Reporting an incident that affects information security

Report the incident via Service Desk’s online form. Log in using your Lucat ID.

Go to the form for reporting an incident that affects information security

An incident involves one or more of the following:

  • information is, or is at risk of becoming, accessible to unauthorised individuals
  • information is destroyed, lost, or incorrect
  • information is inaccessible.

Once you have logged in to the online form, you can read more about the definition of an incident.

In case of emergency while travelling

Read more about who to contact if you need urgent help when you are abroad

If the fire alarm goes off

Rescue - Warn - Alert - Extinguish

Read more about what you are to do in case of a fire

Unauthorised persons at the workplace

Here you will find advice on what to do when you suspect that an unauthorised person has entered your workplace.

Find out more about what you can do and who to turn to when an unauthorised person enters the workplace

If you have been subjected to hate or threats

You will find information here on what to do in a threatening situation or if you are subjected to hate or threats.

Read more about hate, threats and risk of violence and vulnerability

If you have been subjected to victimisation or harassment

Read more about victimisation and harassment and get advice on what you can do

If you have been injured or been in a situation that could have caused personal injury

As an employee, you have a duty to report the incident to your line manager.

Here you can read about how to report occupational injuries and incidents

If you have been a victim of payment fraud

Pay attention to requests for payments in general, and immediate payments in particular, received via email from what appears to be your manager.

Find out more about payment fraud and how to reduce the risk of becoming a victim

If the University is affected by a phishing attack, it is important to act fast. The first measure is to contact LU Finance without delay, to stop the payment if possible.

Contact LU Finance via our support form

In case of emergency, always call 112!

If you are calling via your office landline, dial 0-112.

University security control centre

+46 46 222 07 00

Important telephone numbers

In alphabetical order:

  • Emergencies
  • Emergency crisis support
    +46 70 999 55 65
  • Medical advice line
  • Information about major accidents and crises
    113 13
  • Medical Products Agency hotline
    +46 771 46 70 10
  • Occupational Health Service
    +46 46 222 32 80
  • Poisons Information Centre
    +46 8 33 12 31
  • Police
    114 14
  • Student Health Centre
    +46 46 222 43 77
  • Swedish Work Environment Authority
    +46 10 730 90 00
  • University security control centre
    +46 46 222 07 00