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Protect yourself, your information and your work – with knowledge

Require e-invoices for all purchases

Right now, IT Security is seeing an increase in attempted fraud. Knowledge is the best way to become a safer computer user, both at work and at home. And acquiring that knowledge is a quick process.

Increase in cases of so-called CEO fraud

The IT Security Division has seen a recent increase in the number of CEO fraud cases. Many people have contacted LU Servicedesk to report suspicious emails. Fortunately, few have fallen for the scams. But many are worried that their email has been hacked and are wondering what to look out for, what checks to make and what are the common warning signs.

Those affected are almost all employees. The current scams involve offers to buy gift vouchers or to send money by Swish. Here you can read about what to look out for if you suspect fraud.

Read more about Payment fraud

General advice about Information security

We have found a little refresher for after the summer break on what can help us be safer computer users, both at work and at home. Knowledge is key, and it does not have to take long to acquire it.

In a collaboration between the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, the Police and the Swedish Internet Foundation, a number of short training courses have been developed on topics ranging from strong passwords and card fraud to scam emails and wireless networks.

Each one only takes about five minutes and will give you simple, concrete tips about how to be more secure when online.

Quick lessons in online security (link to in Swedish)

It makes a big difference if you use the knowledge in the courses. It is not enough to know that you should enable two-factor authentication on your private email account – put words into action if you have not already.