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Using purchased and free images

You can purchase images in various ways depending on how they are to be used in the future. Talk to the photographer about how you wish to purchase and use the images as soon as you discuss ordering them. Here you will find information about the various payment categories. In some cases, it may be appropriate to turn to external websites and image banks with images for purchase or free download. Here you will also find examples of a few such websites.

Payment categories

When you order new images from one of the University’s procured photographers, there are two different payment categories. They regulate the subsequent use of the images you have purchased. Use refers to publication, dissemination and reproduction. Regardless of how you purchase the images, the photographer also has the right to use them, unless otherwise agreed between the parties. 

Free use within and outside LU (press images)

Images purchased within this category may be used an unlimited number of times in various publications and channels produced on behalf of Lund University. The University also has the right to release or license the images to a third party, for example to the media. Portraits of researchers taken for published articles, which will therefore be released outside the University, must be purchased royalty-free, for example.

Free use within LU + cooperation partners

Images purchased within this category may be used an unlimited number of times in various publications and channels produced on behalf of Lund University. The images can also be used in other channels where Lund University is presented and which belong to various partner universities and networks of which the University is a member (for example Universitas 21 and LERU). This can also apply to collaboration partners within higher education (for example the Swedish Research Council and the Swedish Council for Higher Education).

The photographer also has the right to continued use of the images in all categories.

Purchasing stock photos and using free images

You may sometimes need to purchase stock photos from an agency, for example if you need a genre picture or images of other geographical locations. The images can be purchased for one-off publishing or as royalty-free – and can then be used as many times as you like.

Examples of image agencies:

Free images from the internet

Most images on the internet are protected under the Copyright Act and cannot be used without permission. However, some websites do offer free images. Bear in mind that these are stock photos that will not always match Lund University’s image style, so avoid using too many of them. Here are some suggestions for sites offering free stock photos:

There are also free images marked with a Creative Commons license. Creative Commons is a non-profit organisation which has created a system of licenses enabling the author of a work, in this case an image, to share it, entirely or partially. Always check the rights and the quality of the image carefully when retrieving such material from the internet.

Read more on the Creative Commons website (in Swedish)

On Wikimedia Commons you can also find free images to use. Do not forget to state the photographer’s name here too, in compliance with the Copyright Act.

Go to the Wikimedia Commons website

Whether you engage a photographer, purchase the images from an agency or take photographs yourself, the images are to be characterised by Lund University’s image style. This is an image style which helps to distinguish us from other higher education institutions.

Read more about Lund University’s image style

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