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Health promotion

All employees at Lund University are entitled to reimbursement of health promotion activities and to a health promotion hour.

Through its health promotion benefits, Lund University wants to encourage health awareness among its employees, offering them an opportunity to participate regularly in health promoting activities.

The University hopes that this will lead to increased well-being at work, create a pleasant workplace with a sense of community and reduced absence due to illness. The University’s health promotion initiatives also aim to prevent and reduce occupational injuries.

Health promotion reimbursement

You are reimbursed for the cost of simple and relatively inexpensive health-promoting activities. Both conditions must be met for the activity to quality for reimbursement. 

Consult the Swedish Tax Agency’s website for a list of approved activities (in Swedish)

Sports which require expensive equipment and peripherals such as

  • golf,
  • sailing,
  • riding and
  • downhill skiing

are not reimbursed. 

Family membership cards and entrance fees for sporting events, personal starting fees in competitions and memberships in associations are taxable. Lund University does not reimburse the cost of taxable activities.

All employees are included

This benefit is offered to all employees, including those on short-term, part-time and substitute contracts.

Maximum amount

A gym membership or equivalent cost is reimbursed up to a maximum of SEK 1 870 (or the sum actually paid for a calendar year, whichever is lower). You can choose to use your health promotion benefit for several different activities.

The full amount is paid if your employment contract exceeds 6 months. Employment which runs for a period shorter than 6 months generates a health promotion reimbursement proportionate to the period of employment calculated in months. For example, an employment period of 3 months generates three twelfths of the maximum reimbursement.

Payment of the reimbursement

Health promotion reimbursement is paid out for receipts dated one year back at most. Reimbursement is paid out twice per year at most. 

Register your request for health promotion reimbursement in SSC Primula, under the menu 'My page'. Reimbursement requires the submission of an original receipt from the activity provider, showing the price, your name, the period covered, the salesperson, and the service purchased. Any original receipts must also be submitted, in accordance with the established procedure at your workplace. Do not send original recepits to SSC. As of 1 July 2019, the original receipts are to be sent to LU’s Human Resources, internal mailing code 31. Label the internal mail envelope "For review".

If you pay for the activity via direct debit (autogiro) you are to attach a copy of the account statement and a dated receipt from the activity provider showing your name, the price and the period covered. Reimbursement is offered at most twice per year, after the account has been charged.

Please note that reimbursement for health promotion cannot be requested via Primula Res as a personal expense.

Health promotion hour

You are entitled to 60 minutes of health promotion time per week if you work full-time. This includes the time it takes you to get to and from your activity, as well as any other preparation. 

The activity can be divided into shorter sessions, for example three 20-minute sessions or two half hour sessions. Check with your manager when planning how to use your health promotion hour.

The health promotion hour should be used between 11:00 and 14:00 so that you regain energy during the working day and make the most of daylight hours.

Reporting health promotion hours

When you use your health promotion hour, you record it on your monthly flexitime report. If you do not have flexitime, discuss how to report the health promotion hour with your line manager.

Read more about flexitime and how to report it here

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