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Gym membership reimbursement, the health promotion hour, debit cards and partial reimbursement of healthcare and medication costs: find out more about the benefits to which you are entitled as an employee at Lund University.

On this page, you can find out more about your benefits:

  • Health promotion
  • Reimbursement of healthcare and medication costs
  • Extra days of annual leave
  • Entertainment and gifts
  • Debit cards
  • Adjustment agreement

Health promotion 

The University reimburses the cost of health promotion, such as a gym membership, up to a certain amount. The benefit is offered to all employees, including fixed-term employees and substitutes. The University’s hope is that this will

  • lead to increased well-being at work,
  • create a pleasant workplace with a good sense of community,
  • reduce absence due to illness, and
  • prevent and minimise occupational injuries.

Read more about health promotion reimbursement and how to apply for it

You are also entitled to a health promotion hour, which entails a maximum of 60 minutes of health promoting activity per week in the case of full-time employment.

Read more about the health promotion hour and how to report it

Reimbursement of healthcare and medication costs

You are entitled to reimbursement for certain healthcare and medication costs. A condition for the reimbursement of healthcare and medication costs is that the costs are registered in a pharmacy card or high-cost card. This means that you are only reimbursed for medication which has been prescribed for you. You do not receive any reimbursement for over-the-counter medicines which you buy at the pharmacy. You are reimbursed for healthcare costs that are covered by high-cost protection.

Prescription medicines are automatically registered in the pharmacy card.

Applications for reimbursement are to be done in SSC Primula under the My Pages menu. Original receipts, showing the amount paid, your name, the healthcare provider/medication and what was provided, are to be handed over to the nearest human resources officer at your department or equivalent according to the procedures that apply to your workplace. The previous requirement to attach a copy of your stamped high-cost card to the original receipts has been scrapped. The original receipts are not to be sent to SSC. 

You must request reimbursement for the costs of healthcare and medication at the latest two years after the date on which you incurred the expense. After that, your right to reimbursement for past expenses expires.

Remember that the reimbursement is a taxable benefit.

Dental, medical and psychological care

Costs incurred for medical care, dental care in the form of oral surgery and psychological treatment are reimbursed to a maximum of SEK 95 per treatment session. Medical care refers to examinations and treatment provided by doctors qualified to practise in Sweden and to issue doctor’s certificates requested by the employer.

Oral surgery refers to treatment provided by a hospital or odontological faculty.

Psychological treatment refers to treatment provided by a registered psychiatrist, psychologist or psychotherapist, on referral from a doctor. 


Costs for physiotherapy are reimbursed by the employer to a maximum of SEK 55 per session.

Physiotherapy refers to treatment provided by a registered physiotherapist, on referral from a doctor. 

Hospital care

Costs for hospital care are reimbursed by the employer to a maximum of SEK 70 per day

If you get ill during a business trip abroad, the University will reimburse reasonable and, if possible, documented costs for medical care, dental care and medication.

Right to reimbursement in case of authorised leave

In some cases, you can be entitled to reimbursement of healthcare costs even when on unsalaried leave. This applies during the first 30 days of the leave, during parental leave while parental benefit supplement is being paid out and during sick leave or leave with temporary parental benefit.

Annual leave

Besides the benefits set out in the law on annual leave, University employees have additional days of annual leave. They have a total of between 29 and 35 days, depending on age.

Read more about annual leave

Entertainment and gifts

Entertainment is a natural part of the University’s contact with wider society. All entertainment is to be conducted in a restrained and judicious manner. There must always be a direct connection with the University’s activities. In certain cases, employees taking part in entertainment events may be subject to tax on benefits.

Gifts are regulated by the Swedish Tax Agency’s provisions on certain benefits in the calculation of tax deductions and payroll tax. In certain cases, as the recipient of a gift, you may be subject to tax on benefits. Christmas gifts, jubilee gifts and mementos from the employer have a special exemption from taxation, on condition that the value of the gift does not exceed the amount set by the Swedish Tax Agency. 

Read more about entertainment and gifts on the LU Finance website, in Swedish

Debit cards

If, as an employee, you have work-related expenses, you are offered a Eurocard debit card with personal liability instead of travel advances. The debit card can also be used privately. 

Read more about debit cards


Your right to the benefits above is regulated in the General Agreement on Pay and Benefits (Villkorsavtalet) and the General Agreement on Pay and Benefits-T (Villkorsavtalet-T). The latter applies only to employees who are members of the Saco-S employee organisation whereas the former applies to all other employees.

The Adjustment Agreement

On 1 January 2015, the Adjustment Agreement (Omställningsavtalet) replaced the previous Job Security Agreement. The Adjustment Agreement is a benefit for employees who are made redundant. It also applies in certain cases to people whose fixed-term employment comes to an end. The Job Security Foundation can help with support and advice as well as financial compensation in certain cases, among other things.

Benefits in the case of employment until further notice

If you have been appointed to a position until further notice, you have a qualifying period of 12 months of consecutive employment with the same employer before being entitled to the support of the Job Security Foundation.

Benefits in the case of fixed-term employment

If you have been appointed to a fixed-term position, you have the right to an appraisal with the Job Security Foundation and to certain measures after two consecutive years of  employment. However, three years’ employment as a fixed-term employee are required for some financial compensation and individual transitional measures from the Job Security Foundation.

Read more about the Adjustment Agreement on the website of the Swedish Agency for Government Employers, in Swedish


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