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Updated guidelines for remote work for technical and administrative staff

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On 30 September, the vice-chancellor decided on updated guidelines for remote work for technical and administrative (TA) staff. The guidelines enter into force on 1 October and replace the previous guidelines from 2019.

The guidelines apply to employees at Lund University with the exception of those included in the current working hours agreement for teaching staff or the local manager agreement.

The guidelines are based on these key points:

  • Lund University is a campus university, which means that education and research are mainly conducted on campus.
  • Remote work can contribute to efficiency based on the needs of the organisation and employees.
  • Remote work is a possibility for employees that may be applied if it benefits the organisation, when the nature of the duties and the needs of the organisation allow it.

Remote working is neither a right nor an obligation.

Remote work refers to work regularly carried out at home, or at another agreed location outside the main workplace, with satisfactory insurance cover, one or more days per week, within Sweden’s borders. The main rule is that remote work is to account for no more than 40% of working hours. If there is a need for a greater scope, this is handled according to a specific delegation procedure.

Remote work requires a written agreement with the line manager. The updated guidelines entered into force on 1 October, so it is possible to make written remote work agreements as of that date.

The guidelines state the difference between these terms: main workplace, temporary workplace and remote work. They also state what applies concerning the following aspects of remote work:

  • work environment responsibility
  • working hours and accessibility
  • equipment and costs
  • insurance
  • security and confidentiality
  • follow-up
  • termination of remote work agreements.

As an employee, if you are interested in the possibility of remote work, read the guidelines below and contact your line manager for a discussion.

Read the updated guidelines under Rules and regulations.

The template for a written remote work agreement (for TA staff) is available on the Staff forms and templates page.

Staff forms and templates | Staff Pages (