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Eleven research infrastructures to share SEK 20 million

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The Research Board’s working group for research infrastructure has now decided who will receive money from the university-wide investments in support for local research infrastructure in 2022.

Of the 21 applications received, the majority were from the Faculty of Science, Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Engineering, LTH. Only one application ‒ from the Humanities Lab ‒ was made from the other faculties. In the future, the Research Board hopes for a more even distribution among the faculties. Archives, registration databases and parts of libraries are as much research infrastructure as equipment such as a mass spectrometer.

Three selection criteria have been used: Scientific quality: is the applicant’s research scientific? Who are the users, will it benefit many now and in the future? Is there a viable plan for long-term management, operation and financing?

Using these three criteria, eleven applications were selected. The eleven research infrastructures that will share SEK 20 million are:

  • LU-Fold: Establishing a facility for AlphaFold prediction in Lund (Gemma Atkinson)
  • Lund University Population Research Platform – LUPOP (Anna Axmon)
  • Establishment of a SciLifeLab Site@LU – a cross-faculty initiative for promoting coordination and increased usage of nationally relevant research infrastructures at Lund University (Thoas Fioretos)
  • Lund University Humanities Lab (Marianne Gullberg)
  • The 4D Imaging Lab – a cross faculty 3D imaging and collaboration platform (Stephen Hall)
  • ESS Securing current service levels and opportunities for protein sciences for Lund University researchers at the Lund Protein Production Platform (LP3) (Wolfgang Knecht)
  • Infrastructure in Life Science Microfluidics (Thomas Laurell)
  • Photoacoustic imaging infrastructure (Malin Malmsjö)
  • Replacement of preclinical PET/CT at LBIC, LU (Pia Sundgren)
  • Supercritical fluid chromatography coupled to inductive coupled plasma with mass spectrometry detection (SFC/ICP-MS) for the analysis of metals, minerals, and organometallic compounds. (Charlotta Turner)
  • Table-top x-ray absorption and emission spectroscopy, a Gateway to better science and large-scale facilities. (Jens Uhlig)

The funding is for the period 2023-2024, and in some cases 2023-2027.