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Collecting payment from conference participants

As soon as you start planning your event, you must decide on the participation fee and how you will receive payments. Here you can read about the VAT rules and the various possible payment methods.

VAT on participation fees

Already at the application stage you must indicate what the participation fee is, including VAT. This will depend on whether the conference is held on site in Sweden or digitally, and on where the participants come from.

Table with the VAT for conference participants
Participant fromCard paymentInvoiceBank transfer
Swedish public authorities25% VAT (1)No VATNo VAT if the transfer is made between the public authority's bank account and Lund University. 25% VAT if the participant transfers the money from a personal bank account. (1)
International participants taking part digitally, with a VAT number or equivalent VAT registration numberInvoice to be issued, 0% VAT, reverse charge0% VAT, reverse chargeInvoice to be issued, 0% VAT, reverse charge
Other participants (including international participants taking part on location)25% VAT25% VAT25% VAT

1) Communication from the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket): “If an employee incurs an expense and pays a conference fee, this is not a transaction between two public authorities and is therefore not free of VAT. It is only in the case of direct transactions between public authorities that no VAT is applied. This is best managed through invoicing.”

Participants from businesses and organisations with VAT numbers within the EU have the opportunity to claim the VAT back from their local tax authority. Please refer to the information on the EU website.  

Read more about VAT refunds on the EU website

Payment methods

Participants can pay their fees in various ways, for example, via bank accounts, card payments, or invoices. Please note that payment of participation fees can only be made to the University’s bank accounts. Managing the University’s payments through a personal bank account or one belonging to another organisation is not permitted. The only exception is when the University’s procured events agency is assigned the task of managing finances and conference participation.

Bank accounts

You may provide Lund University’s banking information in connection with registration.

Ask participants to clearly indicate your cost centre in the payment reference, for example.


IBAN: SE86 1200 0000 0128 1011 9309

Account number: 12810119309

Bank address: Danske Bank, Norrmalmstorg 1, Box 7523, 103 92 Stockholm

NB! Only the University’s bank accounts may be used!

Card payments

At registration for the conference, you can also refer participants to the University’s card payments page. Contact the Finance Division via the support form and include the name selected for the conference, the date/s concerned, and your account activity if applicable. Then you will receive a link to the card payments page which you can include in the registration form. Also decide if you wish to have set price levels or if you prefer to let the customers register the amount themselves. You will be assigned a special “event” connected to your conference or course that participants should specify. It facilitates payments being made to the correct department.

The Finance Division also has a card terminal which can be borrowed at the time of the conference. Book it by filling out the support form well in advance of the conference.

The bank will charge a small fee for card payments, contact the Finance Division via the support form for current prices.

Finance Division’s support form (Category: Ingoing and outgoing payments/Payment to LU/Review account)


It is also possible to send invoices to the participants, and some companies may require it. The invoices are then made out by the finance officer at your unit/department. 

Conference website and participant management

You are welcome to use the services of the internal LU Conferences office if your department/unit needs help with developing a conference website and/or participant management in connection with receiving payments.

Internal help with the conference