Health advice and recommendations

There are a variety of online tests you can do to assess your health. Taking care of your health contributes to basic wellbeing and prevents both physical and mental illness.

A healthier life – advice, tests and exercises

The Occupational Health Service has put together information and advice on stress, sleep, alcohol, healthy eating, exercise and relaxation.

For each area, we have selected a few relevant links to external sites with information, advice, tests and exercises that can help you both to prevent and to recover from illness. There is also information about what help is available at Lund University.

If you are suffering from, or are at risk of, illness related to your work, you are always welcome to contact the Occupational Health Service for advice.

Take a lifestyle test

If you are wondering about your lifestyle and whether you need to make changes, it can be a good idea to find out how healthy your current lifestyle is.

Researchers from Linköping University have produced an online lifestyle test that can give you an idea of how healthy your lifestyle is. All tests are anonymous and the results are only available to you.

Take the Lifestyle Analysis test on (in Swedish)


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