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Sleep is important for health. Read on for more information and advice about the connection between sleep and health.

Sleeping difficulties

Around one in three people in Sweden have trouble sleeping at some point. This could mean difficulty falling asleep, waking up early, or waking up several times during the night.

It is essential that we get enough sleep and this cannot be compromised. Good sleep provides both physical and mental rest, strengthens the immune system and contributes to good health.

Symptoms of a lack of sleep include

  • tiredness,
  • concentration difficulties,
  • feeling low,
  • stiffness and
  • headaches.

Advice for better sleep

The 1177 Vårdguiden offers good advice on sleep and health.

Find advice for better sleep on the 1177 Vårdguiden website (in Swedish)


Annika Ekstedt
Occupational Health Nurse
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Occupational Health Nurse
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Occupational Health Physician
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Occupational Health Physician
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