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Insurance for students

Information on insurance, training, advice and service from the legal, financial and administrative services agency (Kammarkollegiet) is coordinated by student insurance advisors at External Relations.

All those who participate in Lund University’s activities in some way are to be insured in one way or another. Lund University has insurance agreements with the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency that cover many categories of students. You must know whether the category of students that you are sending abroad or receiving in Sweden is covered by the University’s current insurance agreements.

  1. What insurance policies exist and whom do they cover?
  2. Who does what?
  3. Insurance for students abroad
  4. Insurance for incoming students 
  5. How students use Student OUT/IN and FAS+
  6. Procedures for filing claims 
  7. Insurance for international visitors
  8. Insurance for students at Lund University

What insurance policies exist and whom do they cover?

  • Student UT, outgoing exchange students and trainees
  • Individual Student UT
  • Student IN incoming exchange students and non-fee-paying programme and course students 
  • FAS+ fee-paying students
  • Insurance for international visitors, incoming trainees and others
  • Personal injury insurance for all students at LU, in Sweden.

Who does what? 

  • The faculty assesses whether an incoming or outgoing student/trainee meets the criteria for being covered by an insurance policy and administrates the insurance (informs, issues certificate and files claims). 
  • The student insurance advisor at External Relations provides advice, training and assistance for difficult cases if the faculty needs support. 

Insurance for students abroad

Student OUT – outgoing exchange students 

Students who are to travel abroad for exchange studies, traineeships or field studies are covered by the collective insurance policy Student OUT on the following conditions:

  • The student is earning credits and is registered in Ladok for their period abroad.
  • There is a contract/agreement between the department at Lund University and the host institution abroad on the aim of the mobility and the mobility period. 

The insurance only applies in the study destination country, from two weeks before to two weeks after the exchange period (including preparatory Orientation Weeks and exam periods). 

Read the conditions for Student OUT and find the claims form on

Insurance information for outgoing students on "Before your departure" on

Note when Student OUT does not apply/has limited coverage

Student OUT does not apply to distance learning; the student must be on location in the host country. In the case of online exchange performed from Sweden, the student has a limited insurance coverage that only corresponds to the personal injury insurance that exist for regular studies in Sweden. Only injuries that are directly linked to the studies are compensated. The student needs to supplement with a home insurance. There is also the possibility that the university signs an individual Student IN insurance for the student who studies at a distance.

The Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs can issue two degrees of advice against travel:

  1. Advice against of unnecessary travel
    If the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs issues advice against unnecessary travel, the insurance Student OUT is still valid for studies in the country.
  2. Advice against all travel
    The Student OUT insurance does not apply in the countries where the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against all travel. If an advice against all travel to a specific region in the country, the insurance is not valid in that specific region, but is valid in the rest of the country.

    If the exchange studies started before the advice was introduced, the insurance is valid for a transitional period (maximum 30 days) so that the student has time to leave the country and travel back to Sweden.

The insurance does not cover legal protection if the student breaks the laws of the host country. What may be considered a minor misdemeanour in Sweden may be a punishable offence in another country.

In case of travel outside the country of study during the study period, the insurance policy is not valid. Likewise, it is not valid for private travel in conjunction with the study period. The insurance applies to travel for study in another country with a supervisor on condition that the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency has been informed in advance of the study trip.

Insurance certificate

It is recommended to issue an insurance certificate to students who are covered by Student OUT and Individual Student OUT. The insurance certificate may be required for visa applications. All admitted/nominated outgoing exchange students can download certificates through the mobility database SoleMove.

Requirement for additional insurance 

Some partner universities require students to take out the university’s own insurance. Information on additional costs is available in SoleMove. The students must cover any additional insurance costs themselves.

Templates for insurance certificates are updated annually by the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency.

Current templates for insurance certificates can be found in LU Box "Försäkringsdokument: in- och utresande" (Insurance documents: incoming and outgoing)

Contact ylva [dot] sorhede [at] er [dot] lu [dot] se (ylva[dot]sorhede[at]er[dot]lu[dot]se) for access to LU Box. 

Signing insurance agreements for a new mobility category 

If you are uncertain whether the mobility category you work with is covered by any of Lund University’s existing insurance agreements, please contact the student insurance officer at Lund University for advice and help on signing a new insurance agreement. Examples of additional insurance signed by Lund University is the category of students granted an Erasmus+ scholarship conducting a traineeship abroad that does not result in credits.

Individual Student OUT

If a student does not meet the criteria for the collective Student OUT insurance, the faculty can sign an individual Student OUT agreement for the student. This insurance policy has the same conditions as Student OUT but a different insurance number. The faculty covers the cost of the insurance. See info about insurance certificate above.

Individual Student OUT: SEK 15/24 hours per person 
Minimum amount: SEK 200 

The period of validity of Individual Student OUT should be stated with dates. The insurance is not automatically valid two weeks before and two weeks after the study period and therefore you need to remember to include travel days. Once the insurance is ordered, Kammarkollegiet will send a confirmation, insurance certificate and invoice to the person you have stated as contact person.

In case of crises abroad 

External Relations monitors situations abroad and contacts students who find themselves in affected areas. If you are looking for information about whether your student is covered by insurance, remember to notify the University’s crisis monitoring team so that the student is included in the University’s crisis management.

Information about the University’s crisis monitoring for students abroad

In a crisis situation abroad (e.g. natural disaster, accident, illness) students with insurance from the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency can get emergency help to arrange their trip home: 

Falck Global Assistance

Email: fga [at] se [dot] falck [dot] com (fga[at]se[dot]falck[dot]com)
Telephone: +46 8 587 717 49

Insurance for incoming students 

Student IN – incoming exchange students

Incoming exchange students who arrive at Lund University via a valid exchange agreement are insured through the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency’s Student IN collective policy. Incoming non-fee-paying students on programmes and courses, usually EU citizens, are also covered by Student IN. The insurance is valid from two weeks before to two weeks after the study period (including Orientation Weeks and exams) and only in Sweden.

Read more about Student IN for exchange students in Sweden and find the claims form on

FAS+ and fee-paying students

Fee-paying students, with or without scholarships, are covered by FAS+. Their status in Ladok is to be ”fee-paying”. 

Please note that incoming fee-paying students with a scholarship from the Swedish Institute are covered by Insurance for International visitors and managed by the Swedish Institute.

Insurance information for incoming students on 

About healthcare for incoming students on

How students use Student OUT/IN and FAS+

  • The student pays the fee at the primary healthcare centre or equivalent 
  • Saves the original receipt
  • In case of theft a report must be made to the local police without delay
  • Files a claim
  • Contacts the coordinator at LU

If a student cannot afford to pay a healthcare bill, it is also possible to send invoices to the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency. If you want to send an invoice to the Agency, please contact the student insurance officer at Lund University for more information.

Procedures for filing claims

  • Copy/scan all documents that are to be sent to the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency, with a copy to the student.
  • Certify that the student is covered by the insurance by signing the claim form.
  • Send the claim form, the original receipts, police report and other relevant documents together with a copy of the exchange agreement to the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency. If the claim concerns an incoming non-fee-paying programme or course student, state 28.3.1-088683-2019-20 Student IN.

Claims are processed by the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency in about 3 weeks.

Insurance for international visitors 

This insurance covers international visitors who are participating in University activities and, where applicable, their accompanying spouse/partner and children. The insurance also covers incoming trainees at Lund University.

Read more about Insurance for international staff

Insurance for students at Lund University

Personal injury insurance 

All students at Lund University are automatically insured against personal injury during their timetabled study hours via the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency.

Contact person for Personal Injury Insurance:
Email: studhals [at] stu [dot] lu [dot] se (studhals[at]stu[dot]lu[dot]se) 

Ylva Sörhede

Student insurance advisor 

Email: ylva [dot] sorhede [at] er [dot] lu [dot] se (ylva[dot]sorhede[at]er[dot]lu[dot]se)
Telephone: +46 46 222 01 15

The Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency’s insurance policies for students 

Contact Falck

In case of serious illness, injury or crisis

If the student is involved in a crisis situation abroad (e.g. natural disaster, accident, injury or serious illness requiring hospital treatment), students with Kammarkollegiet's insurance can receive emergency help:

Falck Global Assistance
Phone: +46 8 587 717 49
Email: fga [at] se [dot] falck [dot] com

Read the information for students at