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Links to information about alcohol and its effects, and tests you can take to see whether your consumption levels are high risk.

Alcohol is omnipresent in our society. For some people it is associated with fun, but sometimes alcohol consumption can lead to risky use or abuse of alcohol.

The more information you have about alcohol and its effects on the body, the easier it is for you to maintain a healthy approach to drinking alcohol. Below are some links with more information about alcohol.

Check your alcohol habits

Take an anonymous test about your alcohol habits (in Swedish)

Online healthcare guide

The 1177 Vårdguiden website offers good information and advice about alcohol. The website also has a test you can take to assess whether your alcohol consumption is high risk.

Information on alcohol from 1177 Vårdguiden (in Swedish)

Alcohol support line

You can call Alkohollinjen to talk to an advisor about your alcohol habits or those of a relative. They can also provide support to help you make a change. All contact takes place by telephone, the service is free of charge and you can remain anonymous.

Alkohollinjen website (in Swedish)

Alcohol dependency clinic Triangeln, Malmö

At the alcohol dependency clinic you can receive help changing your behaviour with regard to your alcohol consumption.

Contact information for the alcohol dependency clinic in Malmö (in Swedish)



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