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Lucat administrators

The information on this page is aimed at Lucat administrators at Lund University. You will find information regarding how your work affects LUCRIS.

Your work in Lucat is important

Since LUCRIS imports parts of its basic data from Lucat, it is you as the Lucat administrator who lays the foundation for LUCRIS. All employees, organisations, and affiliations (connections between people and different organisations) are retrieved from Lucat. Anyone who has a so called 'verksamhetsroll' in Lucat can log in to LUCRIS.

How you can help

You help by updating and changing fields in Lucat and making sure that the information there is correct so that the information synced into LUCRIS is also correct. The sync takes place every night.

Personal information

The information synced into LUCRIS is: name, title (job title from Primula), affiliation (including 'verksamhetsroll'), contact information (email adress and phone number) and any link from a personal website.

Verksamhetsrollen is particularly important

It is usually you that researchers turn to when they cannot log in to LUCRIS. The most common is that they lack a ‘verksamhetsroll’ and need to be assigned one in order to log in with their Lucat ID. Once you've added a business role, the person can log in the next day.

About the profile's visibility in LUCRIS

A person can have a hidden or visible profile in the LUCRIS research portal. The visibility is set inside LUCRIS.

When someone appears for the first time in LUCAT and is transferred into LUCRIS, the visibility is automatically set based on their ‘verksamhetsroll’ .

Certain roles that are guaranteed to contain research such as "Professor" or "Researcher" are made visible in the Research portal when synced into LUCRIS. Others, such as administrators, have an invisible profile in the Research Portal. After the person is read in for the first time, the visibility can be changed backend in LUCRIS.


Only the ‘verksamhetsorganisation’ (not the 'attestorganisation') is synced from Lucat. You are the one who updates the ‘verksamhetsorganisation’ when, for example, new research groups are created. We in the LUCRIS administration appreciate if we get involved when major changes are to be made that affect the organisation. For example when organisations is moved or removed. All changes you make to the ‘verksamhetsorganisation’ are also visible in LUCRIS.

The fields retrieved from Lucat are:

  • Name of the organisation (in Swedish and English)
  • Description (max 1024 characters due to limitation in Lucat)
  • Research (max 1024 characters due to limitation in Lucat)
  • Website (Swe)
  • Website (Eng)

Organizational life cycle

Here we describe what happens in LUCRIS when you manage ‘verksamhetsorganisationen’ in Lucat. When an organisation:

  • Is entered in Lucat for the first time, an organisational record including a start date is created in LUCRIS.
  • Is moved in the organisation tree, it also moves in LUCRIS.
  • Is shut down or removed from Lucat, the organisation becomes inactive in LUCRIS and is hidden from the Research Portal but remains in LUCRIS.


Common questions

No, the authorization to post images in LUCRIS is usually only held by one person at each faculty and it usually does not lie with the Lucat administrators. Contact support to find out who can help with that.

As Lucat's administrator, you do not need to do anything in LUCRIS when a researcher leaves Lund University. The person's user in LUCRIS is deleted automatically, but the person itself and the data about the person remain. Then we who have high administrative rights in LUCRIS hide the profile from the Research Portal after about a month.

Contact the LUCRIS support

E-mail:  servicedesk [at] lu [dot] se
Phone: 046-222 90 00
Monday - Friday 8:00-17:00
Web form: