If you feel that you are at risk of illness or problems which can be related to your work situation, you can get medical advice from the Occupational Health Service. You can consult us through a personal appointment and/or telephone conversation. For other healthcare needs, we refer you to the public healthcare service.

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The Occupational Health Service offers medical advice on problems related to your work situation. The aim is to prevent ill health or start rehabilitation so that employees are able to remain in or return to work.

Employees can contact the Occupational Health Service themselves when they need advice and support in rehabilitation inititatives. A positive rehabilitation requires collaboration with your manager responsible for human resources.

The Occupational Health Service can help you with

  • medical assessments and advice and
  • supporting you and your manager responsible for human resources in the rehabilitation process.


Occupational Health Nurses

Annika Berndtsson
Annika [dot] Berndtsson [at] fhv [dot] lu [dot] se

Annika Ekstedt
Annika [dot] Ekstedt [at] fhv [dot] lu [dot] se

Ingrid Ekelund
Ingrid [dot] Ekelund [at] fhv [dot] lu [dot] se


Occupational Health Physician

Anabela Stan
Anabela [dot] Stan [at] fhv [dot] lu [dot] se

Louise Bayard Burfield
Louise [dot] Bayard_Burfield [at] fhv [dot] lu [dot] se


Visiting address
Gerdagatan 9
223 62 LUND
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Postal address
Occupational Health Service
Lund University
Box 117
221 00 LUND

Internal mailing code 52

+46 46 222 32 80

Consultations by appointment only
Monday–Friday 08:00–15:00
Closed for lunch 12:00–12:30