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Stress is a natural reaction to challenges and trials. If our stress reaction continues for a long time without periods of rest and recovery, it can lead to illness.

It is therefore important to continually try to combat and prevent stress. The links below provide information and tools you can use.

Test your stress levels

Take an anonymous test to see how high your stress levels are. If after taking the test you feel that you need help, get in touch with the Occupational Health Service. See contact details on the right.

Take the test on (In Swedish)

Institute for Stress Medicine

The Institute of Stress Medicine (ISM) provides information and advice about stress and stress management, health and the psychosocial work environment.

ISM website (in Swedish)

Helpguide – advice about stress in English

On the English-language website Helpguide, you can find a lot of health advice and tools for stress management.

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