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How to make purchases in Lupin

All purchases are to be made i Lupin

In line with in the purchasing regulations at Lund University all outbound orders for supplies and services should be made electronically, if there is a possibility to do so.

How to find information on agreements

Lund University invoice and purchase system, Lupin (Proceedo) gives the possibility to find contracted suppliers, contact details and to place orders electronically.

The listed categories, to the left in the purchase tab in Lupin, are meant to be of help in finding agreements and contracted suppliers. Also, the labelling of the sub-categories can give a hint as to what method should be used making the purchase, according to contract. It is also possible to search directly in the search field on the webpage.

To find information on contact details, such as period of validity, additional information and attached documents you will have to mark a product in the list, to make the information available. 

Finding products and placing order

Products available in Lupin:

  • Catalogue products in catalogues sent in by suppliers; these products can be found by typing a search word or a product name directly into the search field on the webpage.
  • Punch-out to the supplier’s online store. Note that the products in the online-store are not searchable in Lupin. You will have to log onto the punch-out (Open web shop, in Lupin), search for the articles there and place them in the shopping basket. You will then have to transfer the order back to Lupin to complete the purchase there.
  • Free text form (Fritextformulär) with a fixed order address linked to supplier. This is an ordering form where all details are entered by the buyer. The order will be sent to a pre-fixed order address. Search for and the supplier’s name and the word Fritext in the search field to find the form.
  • Free text form without a fixed order address. The form is filled in the same way as the linked free text form but you will also have to enter an email address for the supplier. This form is available both in Swedish (Fritextformulär) and in English (order form)
  • Requisition. Used to get a pre-approved order to bring to the store
  • Information form. Not used to place order, only to give information on the contract. 

When the order is placed

When you have finished your order it is sent to the person/-s responsible for approving it (attestant). When it is approved it is sent on to the supplier. You will get a copy of the order sent. Please note that this is not a confirmation of order from the supplier. It only indicates that the order has been sent from the system. 

When the order has arrived from the supplier you will have to confirm delivery in Lupin. When this is done and all details on the invoice are corresponding to the order the invoice will not have to be handled, it will automatically be sent to the accounting system Raindance for payment monitoring. 

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