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When a person contacts you via email, you need to remember to inform the person about how the University processes personal data, whilst also bearing in mind how you manage and store emails.

How do I provide information?

You can inform the email recipient in a simple way by including the following text in your email signature:

In Swedish: "När du skickar e-post till Lunds universitet behandlar vi dina personuppgifter i enlighet med gällande lagstiftning. Mer om hur dina personuppgifter behandlas hittar du på Lunds universitets webbplats"

In English: "When you send emails to Lund University, we process your personal data in accordance with existing legislation. To find out more about the processing of your personal data, visit the Lund University website"

You do not need to inform employees and enrolled students at Lund University.

How do I manage emails with general personal data?

  • Do not process or save personal data that is sensitive or confidential in email form. If you have been sent sensitive or confidential personal data, you are not permitted, for example, to forward or respond to the email. If you need to reply to the sender, do so in a new email to avoid the data being disseminated further.
  • Do not send sensitive personal data or personal data that particularly warrants protection via email. Sensitive personal data is for example details about a person’s health, religious convictions or political views. Also avoid sending via email other data that is sensitive for a person’s integrity and that warrants special protection. This is for example a person’s payslip, evaluations of a person’s social skills, details from a staff appraisal, information concerning a person’s private life or social circumstances, or their personal identity number. In Sweden, a person’s personal identity number is also considered data warranting special protection.
  • If you must use email, review the content to see if it is possible to anonymise the information.
  • Do not connect and forward your work email to email services outside Lund University’s network, such as Gmail, Hotmail or other services.
  • The same rules apply to processing regardless of whether you send emails internally or externally.
  • If you process a request for the release of an official document containing personal data, you are to follow Lund University’s regulations on the release of official documents in electronic form:
    By clicking here you may download Lund University’s regulations for the release of official documents in electronic form, in Swedish (PDF, 78 kB, opens in a new window)


Lund University has an external Data Protection Officer; Secure State Cyber AB and the contact person at Secure State Cyber AB is Sanja Hebib.

Do you have questions regarding data protection - please contact:

dataskyddsombud [at] lu [dot] se (dataskyddsombud[at]lu[dot]se)