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What to bear in mind before the summer

Man relaxing in hammock.

Summer, sun and annual leave! Read through the tips below, so that you will be able to wind down properly during your time off.

Some weeks before your vacations

  • Apply for your annual leave into Primula (don't applies for teachers)
  • Submit outstanding travel expense reports Primula
  • Take the opportunity to register your documents before the summer holidays so that your colleagues can easily find them when you are away. Remember to include all case documents, cases should not be left empty of documents. W3D3
  • Approve all outstanding invoices in Lupin before you leave.Lupin.
  • Delegate your authorisations in Lupin (Proceedo) to a colleague for your period of annual leave so that deliveries can be acknowledged, and invoices paid.
    Remember to tell your colleague about any invoices or deliveries expected during your holiday period and how they should be handled.

Invoice management | Staff Pages (

The day before your holiday

  • If you do not check your e-mail and telephone during the holidays:
    • Enter your holiday in your Outlook calendar and mark yourself as away (if you share your calendar with colleagues)
    • Enter an out-of-office message in Outlook for your entire period of annual leave. Remember to write when you are expecting to be back and to whom or where people should turn in the meantime.
    • Enter an out-of-office message in Teams for your entire period of annual leave. Click on your profile picture in Teams and choose “Set status message”. Remember to write when you are expecting to be back and to whom or where people should turn in the meantime. Choose “Clear status message after” and then “Customised” in order to set a date for when your status message should disappear.
    • Enter a holiday notice for your telephone number in the Salut (Trio) telephone system. You can also give another number that people should call during your time away, which will be visible to the operators on the switchboard.
  • Make sure nothing worth stealing is left visible in the office. Close any blinds if it is possible to see in.
  • Empty your bins, especially if they contain any fruit scraps or anything else that can start to smell. Make sure to look after any plants, give them extra water or take them home if you will be away for a long period.
  • Enjoy your holiday!

During the summer

Watch out for attempted fraud. During the summer there is an increased risk of attempted fraud.

  • It is important to be alert and question requests for quick payments or transfers of money.
  • Ask your manager or client for verification about such requests via a communications channel (phone, email) other than the one the request came by.

Payment fraud | Staff Pages (

If something happens, you can refer to the tips and support on the webpage "In case of emergency" (there is also a direct link on the start page of the Staff Pages).

The International desk will be open three days a week throughout the summer

The International Desk answers general questions about programmes and courses at the University, practical questions about student life, current activities and international opportunities. Specific questions on programmes and courses are to be addressed to the programme/department/faculty.

See the International Desk’s summer opening hours

Researchers – check how you are presented in the Research Portal and ORCID

Before going on holiday can be a good time to check whether you are optimally presented. Go to the Research Portal and search for your name to check what is written about you: Find Profiles — Lund University

  1. Check that your profile text is correct and available in Swedish and English. Make any necessary changes in LUCRIS.
  2. Is your project list complete and up to date? Many funding bodies appreciate (require) that their projects are named on a public website, and many of them check the Research Portal.
  3. Is your publication list up to date?

Remember to use your ORCID when you publish or apply for funding. ORCID is an international researcher ID. Read more about how you connect your ORCID to LUCAT/ LUCRIS: ORCID | Staff Pages

Using and being connected to ORCID boosts your own visibility as well as LU’s.
If you need to update, just log in to LUCRIS to make changes (log in using your Lucat ID).