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Reimbursement of healthcare and medication costs

You are entitled to reimbursement for certain healthcare and medication costs.

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A condition for the reimbursement of healthcare and medication costs is that the costs are registered in the high-cost database and with a high-cost card, which occurs automatically if you are registered. If you are not registered, the pharmacy can assist you.

Medication covered by high-cost protection is categorised as subsidised (inom förmån) or non-subsidised, (egenavgift) and you receive a prescription specification for these purchases. You do not receive any reimbursement for over-the-counter medicines that you buy at the pharmacy. You are reimbursed for healthcare costs that are covered by high-cost protection.    

Right to reimbursement in case of authorised leave

In some cases, you can be entitled to reimbursement of healthcare costs even when on unsalaried leave. This applies during the first 30 days of the leave, during parental leave while parental benefit supplement is being paid out and during sick leave or leave with temporary parental benefit.

Dental, medical and psychological care

Costs incurred for medical care, dental care in the form of oral surgery and psychological treatment are reimbursed to a maximum of SEK 95 per treatment session. Medical care refers to examinations and treatment provided by doctors qualified to practise and to issue doctor’s certificates requested by the employer.

Oral surgery refers to treatment provided by a hospital or odontological faculty.

Psychological treatment refers to treatment provided by a registered psychiatrist, psychologist or psychotherapist, on referral from a doctor. 


Costs for physiotherapy are reimbursed by the employer to a maximum of SEK 55 per session.

Physiotherapy refers to treatment provided by a registered physiotherapist, on referral from a doctor. 

Hospital care

Costs for hospital care are reimbursed by the employer to a maximum of SEK 70 per day

How to apply for reimbursement

Applications for reimbursement are to be done in SSC Primula under the menu My Page – Compensations/Fees.

Guide: Registering an application for reimbursement of healthcare and medication costs in Primula (PDF 1 MB, new tab)

Original receipts are to be sent together with an expense report from Primula, “The outlays appendix”, to the HR Division.

Please note that when buying medication at a Swedish pharmacy store you must attach the original prescription specification to the expense report. When buying medication at a Swedish pharmacy online it is OK to print and attach a digital prescription specification to your expense report. 

Original receipts/prescription specifications must show the date, amount paid, your name and the healthcare provider. If this information is missing, you will have to request a new receipt from the healthcare provider. 

To send the receipts via internal mail the address is:

HR Division
Internal mailing code 31

To send the receipts via regular mail, the address is:

Lund University
HR Division
Box 117
221 00 Lund

Label the envelope “For review”

Please note that you will not receive any confirmation of your application in Primula or that your documentation has been received by the HR Division.

You must request reimbursement for the costs of healthcare and medication at the latest two years after the date on which you incurred the expense. After that, your right to reimbursement for past expenses expires. Remember that the reimbursement is a taxable benefit.


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