Glasses for computer work

Find out what to do if you feel you need glasses for work.

As an employee, you are responsible for keeping track of any changes to your vision and to communicate them to your line manager. There may be a need to review your work station to make sure that it has been properly set up as vision problems may occur when the workplace is not optimally adapted. If so, please contact the physiotherapist/ergonomist at the Occupational Health Service. 

How to book an eyesight check-up

You can book an eyesight check-up using an order form in the purchasing and invoicing system Lupin (Proceedo). Ask for assistance from your purchasing coordinator or someone else with authority at your workplace if you do not have authority to place the order yourself.

  1. Search for “glasses requisition” to pull up the relevant form. The distance measurements you take do not need to be precise within a centimetre. It is helpful to the optician if you describe your work duties. Book an appointment for an eyesight check-up via the link in the form or below this text.
  2. Once your manager has approved your order, you will receive a copy to print out and take with you to the appointment with the optician. Remember that it sometimes takes time to get the order approved and complete.

The optician assesses the form of vision correction you need in your current work situation. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, it is important that you notify the optician for possible adjustments. In the few special cases where the lenses included in the agreement are not sufficient, the optician will send a cost proposal which must be approved by your manager.

Log in to Lupin (Proceedo) here

Book an appointment for an eyesight check-up via the Specsavers website (In Swedish)