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Lucat for LU staff and affiliates

Lucat is the people and address directory for Lund University.

Lucat is the people and address directory for Lund University. It stores information about people and the organisation, which is presented on various websites. The information in Lucat is also used for other IT services and systems. Authorisation for different IT services and systems to which you need access is also controlled through Lucat.

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Information about any disruption to the service will be published on LU Support.

Personal overview page

When you log into Lucat with your user name (formerly called Lucat ID), you will see your personal overview page. This page contains your personal details and position, which have been automatically transferred from Primula if you are an employee of Lund University. This information cannot be changed in Lucat, but only in Primula and after a decision from your line manager.

Log in to Lucat (in Swedish)

Manual – Change language to English in Lucat

Assignment  – categories

In Lucat there are different types of categories, depending on whether you are an employee, visitor, student, or affiliate. The type of category will determine the period of validity and which IT services you will automatically have access to.

Organisational role

There are different types of organisational roles in Lucat, such as head of department, teaching staff, project manager, line manager, researcher or financial administrator. You can have one or more roles.

Your directory administrator will assign and update your organisational roles based on your duties and responsibilities. These are chosen based on a number of predefined roles. You cannot create your own. Your roles will be displayed online. If your organisational role does not correspond to your work duties, please contact your directory administrator.

You can add a description of your organisational role or describe your duties and responsibilities. You can also add or change your visiting address, phone number and visiting hours, if relevant.


The level of authorisation is what gives you access to different IT systems and services, such as email, wireless networks or Lupin. Your authorisation is decided by your line manager or other designated person. Some authorisations must also be approved by the system administrator of the IT service that you wish to access.

On your personal overview page you can see your authorisations for various IT services and systems. You can also apply for new authorisations through Lucat.

User name and password

Once you have been registered in Lucat you will receive a user name and account. You set the password in an application called Passport. These are necessary to be able to log into a large number of IT services, including Webmail, the wireless network (eduroam) and many of the University-wide online IT services. You cannot change your assigned user name.

By adding an alternative email address or phone number in Passport (“Verification of contact information”), you can generate a new password in case you forget your current one.

Log into Passport

Manual – Verification of contact information

Visitors at Lund University

If you receive temporary visitors who need access to the wireless network (eduroam) they will need to be registered in Lucat. You can do this yourself in Lucat or you can ask your directory administrator to help you. The period of validity is 7 days.

Log in to Lucat (in Swedish)

Manual – Change language to English in Lucat

English version of Lucat

Lucat is also available in English. Change the language on your personal overview page in Lucat.
User manual on how change to an English version of Lucat


Page Manager:


Questions about content

If you have questions about the content in Lucat, please contact you directory administrator.

Other questions

For other questions or problems regarding Lucat, please contact LU Service Desk.

LU Service Desk
Telephone +46 46 222 90 00
ServiceDesk [at] lu [dot] se

Report portal

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Mailing adress: Box 117, 221 00 Lund, Sweden
Invoice adress: Box 188, 221 00 Lund, Sweden
Organisation number: 202100-3211

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