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About us

On this page you will find information about how the work with LUCRIS is organized.


LUCRIS follows Lund University's system management model. It includes a central management group called 'LUCRIS förvaltning'. Attached to the central administration are a number of different working groups with faculty representatives who handle important issues for how LUCRIS is used and further developed.

Each faculty has its own structure for handling LUCRIS-related tasks alongside the central administrative organisation.

Support is coordinated between the central administration and faculties' LUCRIS organisations, utilizing the ServiceNow case management system.

LUCRIS administration

The central LUCRIS administration consists of the following people:

Budget level:

  • System owner: Section manager for FSI (Magnus Nilsson)
  • IT system owner: Chief Librarian LU (Håkan Carlsson)

Operational level:

  • System administrator: Karolina Widell (FS). Deputy system administrator: Hanna Voog (UB) and Ellen Jokela Måsbäck (FS)
  • IT System Manager: David Holoshka (UB)

Other administrators:

UB: Martina Ramstedt, Magnus Annemark, Mikael Graffner, Agnes Holme, Snorri Briem, Dave Sherohman.
FS: Jörgen Persson.

The easiest way to reach the administration is by contacting the support.

Work- and reference groups

LUCRIS serves as more than just an IT system; it's a university-wide collaboration for managing research information. The faculties contribute to shaping and overseeing LUCRIS through various work and reference groups:

This group prepares important questions so that LUCRIS as a whole is managed and developed in accordance with the needs of the University. Each faculty must have a representative in the group.

Faculty representatives in the group at present:

The AGROL working group works with practices for the review of research output, which is updated twice a year.

The group includes the following people:

You'll find guidelines for those withe the role 'Editor of Research output' at following site:

In the LUCRIS working group for reports, persons participate with tasks from their faculties to be able to make structured information extracts from LUCRIS (i.e. reports). The purpose of the group is for the participants to receive information about the LUCRIS report module and to exchange experiences in the use of the module.

The group currently includes:


In addition to working groups and reference groups, there are also two Teams networks for those interested:

This Teams group is for spreading tips, ideas and good examples of how to work with Lund University's Research Portal in relation to internal and external communication and web work.

This team group is for people responsible for extracting data via LUCRIS APIs to, for example, local websites, or who are interested in monitoring the possibilities and getting information about upcoming upgrades and other changes affecting the APIs. It is also possible to ask questions to the LUCRIS administration or other colleagues at Lund University who use the APIs.

Contact the LUCRIS support

E-mail:  servicedesk [at] lu [dot] se
Phone: 046-222 90 00
Monday - Friday 8:00-17:00
Web form: