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What to include in the report

If you are about to make a report about a suspected disciplinary offence, here you will find templates and clear instructions on what to include in the report.

Templates on reports regarding:

Suspected cheating (Word 75 kB, new window)

Disruption or obstruction of teaching (Word 75 kB, new window)

Disruptive activity (Word 75 kB, new window)

A report should include:

  • The student’s name and personal identity number, for identifying the student in Ladok
  • The student’s address, should the department have one that is different than the one available in Ladok
  • Name of the course and the extent of the suspected cheating or disruption during exams or other assessments of study performances of that course.  If the suspected cheating pertains to one of several assessed components on the course, report the number of credits for that specific assignment.
  • Facts of the case – what happened, and why you decided to make a report.
  • The prohibited aids used (if applicable). Attach these to the report. Remember that markings in texts must be visible even after copying!

If the suspicion involves plagiarism: Attach the text submitted by the student as well as the sources that the student is suspected to have plagiarized.

It is important that the passages in which you suspect plagiarism have been clearly marked – both in the student’s text and in the original source, for easy comparison.

  • Information on any permitted exam aids or instructions on writing an academic paper and/or plagiarism provided to the students of the relevant course.
  • Notes from conversation with the student about suspected cheating

Oral recaps from the invigilator or other witnesses may also be put in writing and attached to the report. Include contact information for all witnesses included in the report.

If the case involves a course or programme in English and the student does not speak Swedish, we recommend that that report be written in both English and Swedish.

If an interpreter is needed, please include this information in the report.

The consequences of a potential suspension should be set out in the report, for instance, if compulsory exercises, internships, exams, exchange studies or other similar activities are imminent in the student’s study route. 

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For questions about the process in disciplinary matters, contact:

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Legal counsel
johanna [dot] alhem [at] legal [dot] lu [dot] se
+46 46 222 09 85

Maria Hamberg
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Nicolina Levander (leave of absence)
Legal counsel
nicolina [dot] levander [at] legal [dot] lu [dot] se
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Note! Send your reports to:

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