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Course evaluations and course evaluation reports

Course evaluations and course evaluation reports are important for the development of courses at Lund University. It is through course evaluation reports we may capture the students’ experiences of the individual courses.

Mandatory for all courses

Chapter 1 Section 14 of the Higher Education Ordinance stipulates that all students who participate or who have completed a course shall be given the opportunity to express their experiences of the course and offer comments on it. It is the students’ right, but not an obligation, to express their opinions in a course evaluation.

The University is responsible for conducting course evaluations

The regulation on who bears responsibility does not prevent students and student organisations from rightfully playing an active part in its execution. This includes making sure that the issues students find most urgent are raised in the course evaluations. According to the guidelines on the relationship between Lund University and its students (the so-called “List of Rightst”, in Swedish “Rättighetslistan”), time should be set aside in the course for conducting course evaluations.

The results of the course evaluations shall be compiled

The Ordinance specifies that the results of the course evaluations shall be compiled and made available to students. It is the responsibility of the University to inform about the results and the decisions on measures prompted by the course evaluation reports.

Course evaluations reports involve not only the students’ experiences of the course, but also those of the teaching staff. Exam results and their fluctuations over the semesters can also contribute to the overall course evaluation report.

Course evaluations are to be anonymous

In accordance with the List of Rights, students participating in course evaluations shall be kept anonymous in relation to teaching staff and examiners. Course evaluations must, therefore, often be in writing. Some programmes have chosen to group all course evaluations from an entire semester into one occasion, thereby avoiding students having to answer too many surveys throughout the semester.

Online course evaluations

At Lund University, there is opportunity to make free use of the digital survey tool, Sunet Survey, for course evaluations. The programme can handle various phases of the work on course evaluations and course evaluation reports. The programme facilitates and streamlines the design of the questionnaire, the collection of responses, provides students with feedback on the results, as well as enables monitoring results over time.

Read more about the survey tool, Sunet Survey

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