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Erasmus+ teaching staff mobility

Teaching in Europe

What is the aim of the programme?

Teaching staff, researchers and doctoral students can receive funding for teaching, lectures, seminars, supervision and examinations at a partner university in Europe.

Who can apply for funding?

Those involved in teaching students at Lund University are entitled to apply for teaching staff mobility. Consequently, there is no requirement for regular employment as instead there may be an agreement between Lund University and the teaching staff member, or Lund University and Region Skåne, for example. However, the exchange must take place during the period that the teaching staff member is affiliated to Lund University.

Agreements between higher education institutions 

Before applying, you need to check that there is an agreement for teaching staff mobility between your department/facultyand the higher education institution that you are applying to visit. If there is no valid agreement, contact the international coordinator at your department/faculty and discuss the possibility of drafting an agreement.

How long can I spend abroad?

The stay must include a minimum of 2 working days and a minimum of 8 teaching hours. For longer periods, a minimum of 8 teaching hours per week applies. The maximum period granted is normally 2–3 weeks. 

Application period

There is no deadline for applications for teaching staff mobility. Applications are processed as they are received. Remember to apply for scholarship funding in good time before you depart, preferably at least one month in advance. 

What compensation can I receive?

Funding comprises an amount based on the duration of the stay (daily subsistence allowance) and a travel allowance based on the distance between the home university and the host university according to the EU Commission’s distance calculation. You can also receive compensation for travelling days to and from the host university.  

The grant from the Erasmus programme is not intended to cover all the costs for the trip. It is important that you come to an agreement with your division manager/head of department about how you will cover the costs of the exchange that may exceed the scholarship amount.

In the Erasmus+ Programme Guide (page 50-51) you will find information on compensation levels for teaching staff mobility.

Link to Programhandledning: Erasmus+ Programme Guide on (UHR - the Swedish National Agency for Erasmus+)

Link to EU Distance Calculator – distance calculation to destination

How do I apply for Erasmus+ teaching staff mobility STA?

Fill in the online application form to apply for an Erasmus grant.

Link to application form – select STA – Teacher exchange for teaching

Completion of your online application generates three documents:

  • Mobility Agreement for Teaching
    This is to be signed by the sending (head of department or equivalent) and receiving higher education institution (head of department or equivalent) and by you. Otherwise, follow the instructions in the application form. 
  • Grant Agreement
    This is to be signed by you.
  • Statement of Costs
    This is to be filled in and signed by you after the completed mobility.

Where do I send the completed application? 

Send the Mobility Agreement for Teaching and Grant Agreement documents to ErasmusTeaching [at] er [dot] lu [dot] se.

When will I receive a decision regarding my application?

A decision on funding will be announced about 2 weeks after your application has been received. 

Reporting of teaching staff mobility

  • Certificate of Attendance
    The document is issued when the application is approved. It is to be signed by the host university and by you. 
  • Statement of Costs
    The document is accessed via the application link and is to be filled in and signed by you. Click on the line “I have already applied for the scholarship this academic year and want to see my file”.
    Talk to the finance officer at your department if you are uncertain about which cost centre and activity to state.  
  • Report in the Erasmus Mobility Tool
    The Erasmus participant reportis sent to you after the completed mobility.

Send the documents to ErasmusTeaching [at] er [dot] lu [dot] se at the latest one month after your return.

What is the payment method?

The funds are paid to your division/department after the final documentation is received. Payments are made according to the currency exchange rate that applied when the funds were received by Lund University. To receive payment for your trip, you submit a travel expense report in Primula.

Link to questions and answers about teaching staff mobility

Read more about international opportunities and partnerships and view the list of the University’s partnership agreements with universities abroad

Advice before departure

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