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Service and support for incoming students

Arrival Day and Orientation Weeks
Accommodation for incoming students
Pre-Arrival Guide

Student Guide

International Desk and International Desk Facebook

Mailing to international students
Residence permits and visas

Student Health Centre 

Academic Support Centre

Learning support for students with disabilities
Contacting the student’s home university

Insurance for students
Crisis management

Arrival Day and Orientation Weeks

Student Experience and Mobility organises Arrival Day and Orientation Weeks for all international students at Lund University. International mentors play an important part in welcoming international students and introducing them the Lund University, its student life and Swedish culture. 

Arrival Day and Orientation Weeks – info for international students on

Academic calendar for Lund University on

International mentor programme

If you have questions or comments to improve our work on Arrival Day, Orientation Weeks or the international mentors programme, please contact Kristen Clarberg kristen [dot] clarberg [at] er [dot] lu [dot] se 

Accommodation for incoming students

Housing management for students at Lund University is taken care of by LU Accommodation. Applications for accommodation are made separately from the application to study. Students who have been nominated in SoleMove automatically receive an email with instructions, links to housing information, the application page and application periods. 

Pursuant to the vice-chancellor’s decision, there are three prioritisation categories of applicants for housing:

  1. Accommodation guarantee (e.g. fee-paying students, students from the University of California, Linnaeus Palme scholarship recipients)
  2. Priority (e.g. ICM students and students from non-European U21 universities)
  3. Standard. The students are allocated accommodation in the order in which their applications were received. The faculties’ international offices can, if they wish, prioritise certain agreements or students within this group.

All applications received before or after the application period are processed as late submissions and come last in the order of processing. 

See current application periods

Read more about Accommodation Guarantee
As all students will not be allocated housing via LU Accommodation, it is important to urge the students in the ”standard” category to apply for housing in other ways as well. 

Find information for students about accommodation

Pre-Arrival Guide

The Pre-Arrival Guide is a brochure to help students prepare for their studies at Lund University. The pdf guide is updated several months before the start of the semester and is available at When the Pre-Arrival Guide is updated, the coordinators are informed for further dissemination. When a student is admitted, External Relations sends out a link including the guide. Read more about the information sent out to international students below.

If you find that information is missing from the Pre-Arrival Guide, please contact Kristen Clarberg kristen [dot] clarberg [at] er [dot] lu [dot] se

Find the Pre-Arrival Guide on 

Student Guide

The Student Guide folder is included in the welcome pack and distributed to all students during Arrival Day. The guide answers students’ most frequently asked questions. The Student Guide is printed ahead of each autumn semester. If you need a small number of copies during the year, please contact the studentreception [at] lu [dot] se (Student reception via email).

The brochure Student Guide will not be printed for the academic year 2021/2022. In the spring of 2021, the Orientation Guide to Lund University is being produced in Canvas. Orientation Guide to Lund University is a course that is active during Orientation Weeks and includes information about Lund University, schedule for Orientation programme, events, seminars and Student Guide in a revised form. If you have questions about Orientation Guide to Lund University, contact kristen [dot] clarberg [at] er [dot] lu [dot] se

Find the Student Guide on

International Desk and International Desk Facebook

The International Desk/Student reception welcomes international students for all types of practical questions.

Read more about the International Desk, see visiting hours and contact details on

The International Desk Facebook account provides ongoing information about events and activities in Lund and Swedish culture. The channel’s main target group is current international students, both exchange students and programme students. Encourage international students to follow us via International Desk Facebook.

Do you have information you would like to share with international students? 
If so, please contact Kristen Clarberg kristen [dot] clarberg [at] er [dot] lu [dot] se, who is responsible for the International Desk Facebook at External Relations.

Follow International Desk Facebook

Mailing and Newsletter to international students 

External Relations send out university-wide information to admitted international students via email. About 4 emails are sent out before the start of a new semester with the following content: 

  1. Orientation programme, accommodation, when students can expect Ladok and student account information (early June and December respectively)
  2. Studentlund information, how to become a member (early July and December respectively) 
  3. Ladok and application code (early July and December respectively)
  4. Reminder about student account information (early August) 

The International Desk Newsletter is sent out to international students in Lund at the start of the semester, mid-semester and at the end of the semester. The newsletters contain tips about events, information on Swedish traditions and holidays and end-of-semester to-do lists, for example.

  1. Welcome to Lund (January/September)
  2. Spring and Easter traditions/ Autumn darkness (April/October)
  3. End of semester, summer/Christmas traditions, before-you-leave (May/December)

Extra mailings may be sent out as necessary; see this example from Autumn 2020

Residence permits and visas

Admitted students who are non-EU/EEA citizens must apply for a Swedish residence permit to stay longer than three months. A visa is an additional requirement for students from certain countries. The Letter of Acceptance is sent out to students who will be admitted to full-time studies corresponding to 30 credits per semester. Once the student has received the LoA, they can apply for a residence permit via the website of the Swedish Migration Agency. It is also possible to apply for a residence permit at the nearest Swedish embassy. 

Read more about residence permits and the countries for which visas are required on

Do you have questions concerning migration issues? Please contact migration coordinator at External Relations.

Student Health Centre

The Student Health Centre has English-speaking staff and offers students help and support with problems that may affect their studies, for example through consultations. For other types of problems or healthcare needs, students need to turn to the primary healthcare service. Contact details for local primary healthcare centres are listed in the Student Guide.

Find out what help the Student Health Centre can provide on

The Academic Support Centre offers students support to improve their study technique

The Academic Support Centre offers international students support to improve their study technique, academic writing and presentation skills.

Read more about the Academic Support Centre on

Learning support for students with disabilities 

Learning support is offered help to international students with disabilities such as vision impairment or dyslexia. The student’s supervisor at their home university must contact "Pedagogiskt stöd" at Lund University before the start of the exchange to plan the necessary measures. A confirmation of payment for the support is required by the home university. The following support functions are offered: 

  • Note-taking support
  • Exam support 
  • Special educator 
  • Talking books
  • Mentor

Read more about Learning support and find contact details to on

Contacting the student’s home university

In certain serious situations, or unclear circumstances, it may be appropriate to contact the student’s home university. Examples of such situations could be if the student: 

  • does not show up for courses on which they are registered
  • does not complete any credits
  • has a serious health condition
  • is caught cheating 
  • is accused of being disorderly in their accommodation
  • has committed a crime such as drug use

Students at Lund University are considered responsible adults, and one should exercise restraint in contacting a student’s next of kin without their consent.

Read more about crisis management 


Kristen Clarberg

Arrival Day, Orientation Weeks and International Desk Facebook

Email: kristen [dot] clarberg [at] er [dot] lu [dot] se
Telephone: +46 46 222 01 71

Erik Kvist

Migration coordinator at Lund University 

Email: erik [dot] kvist [at] er [dot] lu [dot] se
Telephone: +46 79 06 61 783

SoleMove Mobility Support

Email: solemove [at] er [dot] lu [dot] se

Martin Charlier +46 46 222 04 11 
Dimardo Dean +46 46 222 40 25

Log in to SoleMove