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Entering information

how to describe research conducted at LU
LUCRIS consists of a series of modules. Information entered into these modules can be interconnected to reveal the networks comprised by Lund University’s research.

Here are some of the most important questions and answers:

What should I enter into LUCRIS?

As a researcher, you can enter items into LUCRIS that are various kinds of research production, such as publications, activities, projects, etc., to highlight the breadth of your research work. In addition, you can quickly and easily create a CV based on the information you have entered.

In general, only those outputs and activities that have some kind of connection to the researcher’s research shall be registered in LUCRIS. Exceptions may be information included in the personal profile, such as previous employment or other type of information within the description texts at the personal profile page.

Where do I enter the material?

All information is entered into the LUCRIS database and is searchable from there by anyone with a LUCAT identity.

How do I enter it?

Information is entered in LUCRIS using the appropriate module. Read more about what you can enter and how to do it on the subpages below:

Information entered under one module can be linked to information in another module by stating that they are connected. This enables you to highlight links between certain contracts and certain research projects, and publications presented in certain contexts, for example.

Where is my entered information visible?

Most, but not all, of the information entered into LUCRIS is also visible in the Lund University research portal. Among the entries not visible are the detailed contract information from externally funded contracts (called Awards in the system), and information and files that the researcher responsible for the entry has chosen to hide in the research portal.

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