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- Module for describing and highlighting infrastructures
The aim of the infrastructure module is to improve the overview and exposure of the University’s many infrastructures. The information will be searchable and accessible, which could improve the utilisation of resources and increase access to the existing infrastructure, both internally at LU and for external researchers. It is also possible to connect other research information in LUCRIS to the infrastructure, such as publications or projects, etc. This enables the information to be used to follow up research activities linked to the infrastructures.

How are the infrastructures entered?

In the introductory stage, the work of entering infrastructures in LUCRIS is done centrally by the LUCRIS administration. Initially, the entries will only be visible to those logged in to LUCRIS.

If you are in charge of an infrastructure, you will be linked to it in LUCRIS and notified of this. You will then need to review and, where necessary, complement the information registered about the infrastructure. Use the manual to easier review and edit information regarding the infrastructure.

Manual for managers of infrastructures (pdf)

The information will become visible and searchable in the Research Portal during spring 2019.

Infrastructure visibility

The degree of visibility can be selected. All infrastructures entered do not need to be visible externally; it is possible to enter infrastructures that can only be found by people logged in to LUCRIS.

It is essential also to include the infrastructures that are not open for use by others, as the goal is to create a total overview of the infrastructures for various purposes, the visibility in the portal is not related to who can and may use the infrastructure. It is important to make the picture of LU’s infrastructures as complete as possible.

Even small infrastructures or those only used internally can have a major impact and be important to display.

Governance of the infrastructure module

The information entered into LUCRIS has been obtained through a previous mapping of the infrastructures at all the faculties within LU.

The addition of new infrastructures is to be assessed by a working group under the Research board. The group assesses whether the equipment/service can be classed as infrastructure and registered in LUCRIS. The module is not an equipment register.

Any removal of infrastructures is to follow the same principle.  

Please contact LUCRIS support if you have any requests for addition or removal of entries.

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