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Internal support for EU applications

Research Services provide you with support throughout the process from application to completed project. You are guided through the EU’s programme structure and regulations and offered help in finding suitable calls for applications.

Research Services offer tips and templates for working on your application, regarding both the administrative aspect and the budget, as well as help with parts of the application text.

Contact Research Services for more information

Internal rules 

Lund University has internal rules for participation in Horizon 2020. These concern matters such as who approves your participation and what documentation is required for the decision, who signs the contract and who is responsible for the work in the project. At Lund University, these aspects are managed by Research Services.

Administrative rules for research projects within H2020 (PDF 80Kb, new window)

Special rules apply for applications to the European Research Council (ERC) as these require a commitment of the host institution signed by the vice-chancellor.

Participant Identification Code (PIC)

When you register your application in the Participant Portal, you need to provide a specific identification code, PIC, for Lund University. The basic information about the University is then entered automatically. 

Legal name: Lunds universitet
Short name: ULUND
PIC: 999901318

Contact Anneli Wiklander, anneli [dot] wiklander [at] fs [dot] lu [dot] se, at Research Services for more information.

Financial support for applications and project coordination

You can receive financial support from the University if you coordinate applications and projects. The grants are paid out in two forms – planning grants and coordination grants.

Contact Karin Langborger, karin [dot] langborger [at] fs [dot] lu [dot] se, at Research Services for more information.


Framework programme projects feature several types of contracts between the parties involved in the project. The contracts are reviewed by the legal division before being signed by the head of the faculty office/head of the administration.

Read more about contracts

Contact Sanna Håkansson, sanna [dot] hakansson [at] legal [dot] lu [dot] se, at the Legal Division for more information.

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Management and applications

Anneli Wiklander
Research funding advisor
+46 46 222 77 71
anneli [dot] wiklander [at] fs [dot] lu [dot] se

Sophie Hydén Picasso
Research funding advisor
+46 46 222 37 27
sophie [dot] hyden_picasso [at] fs [dot] lu [dot] se

Teresia Rindefjäll
Research funding advisor
+46 46 222 62 40
teresia [dot] rindefjall [at] fs [dot] lu [dot] se

John Phillips
Research funding advisor
+46 73 067 01 04

john [dot] phillips [at] fs [dot] lu [dot] se

Budget, accounting and auditing

Kjell Josefsson
Research funding advisor
+46 46 222 93 99
kjell [dot] josefsson [at] fs [dot] lu [dot] se

Karin Langborger
Research funding advisor
+46 46 222 31 03
karin [dot] langborger [at] fs [dot] lu [dot] se

Nils-Olof Jönsson
+46 46-222 12 70 
nils-olof [dot] jonsson [at] fsi [dot] lu [dot] se


Research Services

Visiting address
Byrålogen, 1st floor
Paradisgatan 5C
Internal mailing code 31

Postal address
Research Services
Lund University
Box 117
221 00 LUND

Contact Research Services

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Legal name: Lunds universitet

PIC: 999901318

Telephone: +46 (0)46-222 00 00 (switchboard)
Mailing adress: Box 117, 221 00 Lund, Sweden
Invoice adress: Box 188, 221 00 Lund, Sweden
Organisation number: 202100-3211

Site manager: staffpages [at] lu [dot] se

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