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Entering information

how to describe research conducted at LU

LUCRIS consists of several modules. Enter information and link it together to make the networks that are part of Lund University's research visible.

Get started with LUCRIS!

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Keep your profile in LUCRIS updated to make your research and expertise visible in the Research Portal.

Besides creating a visible and searchable complete picture of your research, there is the possibility to generate a CV with one click.

What should be entered?

Below you find a brief overview of how it works to enter information in LUCRIS and what to register.

In general, only register the outputs and activities that have a connection to the actual research at LU in LUCRIS. The exception is information added to the personal profile. For example, previous employments or other types of information in the description texts on the personal profile page.

How should the information be entered?

You enter all information into the LUCRIS database. You log in with your LUCAT ID to get access.

Most of the information entered in LUCRIS is also visible in Lund University's research portal. Some information is not displayed. For example, detailed contract information from externally funded contracts (called Awards in the system) and information or files with the status closed. The person who registers the information sets the status.

If you have questions - contact LUCRIS support!

Once you have logged in, you will enter on your personal profile page. This page shows what information you or someone else has entered or that has been imported from other systems at LU.

You will find tabs to:

  • Research output
  • Activities
  • Project
  • Awards (Externally funded contracts)
  • Prizes and distinctions 
  • Information from LUCAT
  • as well as people and organizations that through your publications and activities visualise your network.

This tab is called 'Personal Overview'. Here you can upload material and review your profile.

Personal profile page in LUCRIS.
Illustration of Personal Overview page in LUCRIS

Add information

Decide what you want to add: Research output, activities or projects, etc.
Click on the green button on the right-hand side with the text 'Add content'.

Illustration on how to add content in LUCRIS.
Illustration on how to add content in LUCRIS.

You'll get a 'Submission guide', showing suggestions of the most common information types.

  1. Choose what you want to enter
    Now Choose submission. This means that you choose what specific information you want to add: activity, research output, etc. All information becomes instant visible on your profile in the Research Portal, except information that you add under the module Research output. That information is reviewed before it becomes public.
    Regardless of which module you choose, you get a number of top choices under each module. When you click on one of the top choices, the subcategories that are available are displayed, for example under 'Research Output' → 'Contribution to Journal', and you will find a number of different publication types that can be found in a journal.
  2. Fill in information
    All fields marked with a red asterisk * are technically mandatory in the system, other fields are optional. The more accurate information you enter into the system, the better and more useful the information you can retrieve is. The level of ambition depends on you as a researcher and on any local practice.
  3. Internal / external affiliations
    Read more under "Add / change affiliation" below.
  4. Visibility on the record
    When you are done, you can, under Visibility, change the visibility of your record  Note that you should always choose public visibility (Public) for your records, but if you e.g. what to restrict access to a full-text file, do so in the settings for the file itself. NOTE! The system cannot handle material that is classified.

Please remember:

  • that the system cannot handle material that is confidential.
  • to finish by pressing the save button at the bottom of the form!

More information

Enter information in LUCRIS by using the appropriate module. Read more about what you can enter and how to do it on the subpages below:

Internal persons

LU employees, current and former employees, must be admitted as internal persons and their affiliation must correspond to that stated in the publication. Internal persons are illustrated with a black silhouette and when one exists, there is also a connection to the person's LUCAT. This is also what makes the publication appear in the person's list of research outputs.

People who submit publications from a previous / parallel employment at another university must also be stated as internal, BUT the current affiliation at LU must be unchecked. Read more under Change affiliation below.

External persons

An external person is illustrated by a white silhouette and has no connection to anyone in LUCAT. The person's affiliation must be added (see how under Change affiliation below). External affiliation must be added at university level, ie never a department level but, for example, Uppsala University. The higher education institutions are always written in English, many are already registered, so search first in the list. If the affiliation does not exist, click Create new to add it.

Change affiliation

To change / add affiliation or change a person from external-internal (or vice versa) on a person click Edit.

Illustration of how to change the affiliation of a person in LUCRIS.
Illustration of how to change the affiliation of a person in LUCRIS.

If you want to change from external to internal or vice versa, click on Change person in the upper right corner. Search there for the right internal person by choosing Replace or Make external. Modify or delete internal affiliates by clicking the boxes below the name. Note that only the affiliations listed in the publication should be included. Add external affiliates via Affiliate to External organization.

Save by clicking Update.

Illustration of how to change a person from internal to external in LUCRIS.
Illustration of how to change a person from internal to external in LUCRIS.

How to update your personal profile

Information about name, contact information, employment and title is obtained directly from LUCAT.

You can change other information yourself.

► Click on 'Edit profile'

Illustration on where to Edit profile in LUCRIS.
Illustration on where to Edit profile in LUCRIS.


Descriptive text

Fill in a description of your research in Swedish and English under Research. Priority is the English text (it is possible to also describe Collaboration, Teaching, Artistic research, etc.). Remember to enter information in both languages if possible, ​​because information for example entered in the English box is only displayed on the English page in The Research portal, if Swedish text is missing, no information will be displayed in Swedish side.

Profile photo

Add the profile photo underneath 'Profile photo'

UKÄ classification

Add UKÄ classification of your research area under the heading: Keywords - UKÄ Subject Classification. By adding a subject classification, you can search for researchers in various topics in the Research Portal, regardless of organizational affiliation.

Visible profile?

Check the visibility level of the personal profile at the bottom. If your profile is to be public but does not have the status "Public" under Visibility - change.

Illustration of how to set a profile to public in LUCRIS
Illustration of how to set a profile to public in LUCRIS

It is mandatory to register all research outputs that you have published as a researcher at LU in LUCRIS.

Please check your publication list in LUCRIS. If you see errors: you can click on the small gear to the right after the publication's title and 'Disclaim from' the publication.

You can add research output via the 'Add content' button.

Add a research output

You can choose between adding information manually, searching for research output in, for example, Scopus or importing via file.

Illustration of opportunities to add information to LUCRIS.
Illustration of opportunities to add information to LUCRIS.

You can read more about how to import information from a database or using different file formats such as RIS.

Register publications from previous employment

You can also register publications that you have made before or outside your employment at LU. Please make sure to state the correct affiliation on these so that they are not counted as affiliated to LU.

Change affiliation on a record

You can easily change the affiliation of each publication, activity etcetera that you submit. You do it under your name. 

The projects show ongoing and completed research. Different types of projects can be registered, such as dissertation, research and network projects. The project gets its own page in the research portal where the different relationships added (for example to research output, activities or other projects) become visible.

What is a project?

The characteristic of projects is that it is limited in time and research activity and is registered in LUCRIS, unlike a research group which is an organizational unit and is placed in LUCAT.


The input interface is available in Swedish and English. The first time you log in, you have the option of choosing a Swedish or English interface. To change the interface language, click on your username in the upper right corner: Under Profile ⇒ Language settings.

You can also choose which language you want for the input interface (Language) in and which of the Swedish or English boxes you want to see first in cases where you can enter information in both languages ​​(Default submission language).

Some information will be added (regardless of which input language you choose) in both Swedish and English. You switch between the Swedish and  the English form, with the help of a Swedish or British flag. The flag is either directly adjacent to a specific field or you can change the input mode in the upper left corner.

Finding the flags in LUCRIS to change Language
Finding the flags in LUCRIS to change Language

When you add information under any module, you can always change the language by clicking on the Swedish or British flag. If you want both languages, fill in one language and then change languages. You will then see an empty field. Just below the flag in the upper left corner, you also have the option to select Translation. By clicking there, you get all the fields that have the opportunity to be written in both Swedish and English and thus get an overview of which fields do not have a translation.

Message from the system

LUCRIS notifies you by e-mail about changes concerning the information you have added / is added to your profile. The messages are sent so that you know what has been imported or added to your profile.

Wrong data on your profile?

If something is incorrect, you can detect it immediately and Disclaim content - ie. Inform that you are not the right author for a specific publication. You can also see information someone added to your name and enrich the record if something is missing. You can always change your message- and e-mail settings by clicking on your username in the upper right corner when you are logged in to LUCRIS.

Set message and email options

The menu, which unfolds on the left when you click on your username, contains, among other things:

  • Message settings
  • E-mail settings

In message settings you can means that you turn on or off what information you want to get from the various modules in the system.

In E-mail settings you can set the frequency of messages and emails from different parts of the system. For example, the system notifies of changes in the information you have entered yourself or if someone else has entered information in your name. We recommend that you have the setting that e-mail is sent directly, ie. Mails are sent instantly.

Remember that all changes must be saved before proceeding, by clicking 'Save'.

Contact the LUCRIS support

E-mail:  servicedesk [at] lu [dot] se
Phone: 046-222 90 00
Monday - Friday 8:00-17:00
Web form: