Laws and guidelines


All countries in the European Union must now have laws in place governing web accessibility. In Sweden we have the law on accessibility to digital public service. This law means that the websites of all public bodies must fulfil the legislative requirements governing accessibility from 23 September 2020. The purpose of the law is to increase digital accessibility for all users, including people with disability.

The law also specifies that there must be an accessibility statement for each website that describes how well the website fulfils the legislative requirements and how and when the owners plan to remedy inaccessible content on the site. The statement should also contain a function for reporting accessibility issues.

We also have other legislation in Sweden concerning accessibility, for example the Discrimination Act and the Public Procurement Act.

Important dates

23 September 2020

The following must now meet all legislative requirements:

  • All websites.
  • Films (though not live broadcasts) published from 23 September 2020.
  • Documents published as of 23 September 2018 and older documents that “are needed to carry out active administrative procedures that follow from the relevant authority’s assignments”.

23 June 2021

Mobile phone apps must now meet all legislative requirements governing web accessibility.