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Rules regarding conferences

Framework agreements and policies

As a public authority, it is important that we comply with the applicable framework agreements when purchasing goods and services.

Co-arranging of a conference

The most common reason for arranging a conference together with one or more organisations is that you share an interest in the programme content itself. Therefore, this is the primary focus of the cooperation. When it comes to the practical management of the conference, a clear agreement must be in place with regard to the handling of the associated administration and any surplus or deficit. Always consult the Finance division before entering into such agreements.

Keep in mind that conferences may not be co-arranged with an organisation owned or operated by a University employee. This could involve a conflict of interest and prohibited transactions between the University and the employee. If you have any questions concerning this matter, please contact the Legal Services office.

Sponsoring of conferences

What constitutes sponsorship is not clearly defined. Sometimes it can be equated with a donation or gift; other times it requires something in return. Typically, sponsorship aims to promote the sponsor, its goods or services, in a positive way. In order to avoid confusion and the risk of the sponsorship damaging confidence in Lund University, a sponsorship agreement should be drawn up in writing. Contact the Legal Service office for assistance in this matter.

Reporting of sponsorship: In general, in case of a sponsorship, all costs are to be covered by Lund University and the sponsorship funds are to be reported as sponsorship revenue. Regular VAT rules apply. As an exception, the sponsor may cover a cost directly, provided that it is a delimited cost and that an agreement is reached directly between the sponsor and the person/s sponsored. Always contact the Finance division to verify the rules that apply.

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