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Events, digital meetings and conferences

Organising a meeting, a conference or congress entails a great deal of work – before, during and after the event. Read on to find out what you need to think about during the process and what help is available.

Tips for a successful meeting

  • Appoint someone to be in charge of the meeting
  • Find out if other activities have been scheduled that conflict with your event
  • Decide the time and place – make hotel reservations and book venues
  • Draw up a budget
  • Find out about any required permits and apply
  • Decide the content, book people for the event
  • Market the event and disseminate information

LU Calendar for upcoming events (new page)

Conference and event services

If you want help with planning and carrying out an event, contact LU Conferences which offers services involving appropriate facilities and conference venues, food and beverages, technical solutions, registration of participants and more.

Read more about LU´s internal conference services.


When choosing a suitable venue for your meeting, you need to think about the number of places, technology needs, availability, room for socialising, etc. Lund University has many venues and places suitable for meetings. If you want to place your meeting outside Lund University, you can book a venue through a procured supplier.

Read more about how to book premises at LU
Find venues offered by LU’s procured suppliers in Lupin (new window)
Read more about government procured facilities (in swedish, new window)

Draw up a budget

Specify the total costs including any overhead for premises, social activities, exhibitions, refreshments, speakers, accommodation, travel, technical solutions, etc., and decide on a participation fee based on your budget, taking the applicable VAT rules into account. Enlist the help of your finance officer to calculate costs and participation fees.

Collecting payment from participants

Read more here about collecting payment from participants

Alcohol license

On the City of Lund website you will find information about the rules that apply to serving alcohol at an event (in swedish, new window).

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