Buy your parking permit

The parking permit is valid 1/9–31/1 or 7/1–15/9

As a student or employee at the University, you can buy a parking permit for the University’s parking spaces.

Digital parking permits

The sale of digital parking permits is now open. (New window)

The university's parking permits are digital

On September 7, students and employees with a Lucat-ID can purchase parking permits digitally. This applies to semester and year-round permits, as well as day tickets.

Register registration number

As soon as you have paid and registered the vehicle's registration number, your parking permit will be visible to the parking guards and thus no physical permit is needed in the windscreen to be allowed to park.

Current permits apply

Physical parking permits, which are valid for the rest of the year, are still valid and must therefore still be clearly visible inside the car's windscreen.

Park with different vehicles

You can only register and park with one vehicle at a time. If you change cars, you must log in and enter the current registration number before parking, otherwise the parking permit does not apply.

Payment - by card only

As it is uncertain whether the University will be able to make salary deductions for parking permits in the future, it is only possible to pay the parking permits with a card. However, the price is the same.

Unpaid positions, departments, departments and faculties

Employees and businesses that cannot log in with a Lucat-ID are referred to the parking office.


Parking permits for staff:

Budget zone  SEK 330
Zone A          SEK 630
Zone B          SEK 860
Zone C          SEK 1100

Parking permits for students:

Budget zone   SEK 400
Zone A           SEK 780
Zone B           SEK 1080
Zone C           SEK 1380

Read more about terms and rules concerning parking and parking permits here.


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