Doctoral education

Lund University offers opportunities for doctoral education at all of its eight faculties. Research studies are an important part of the University’s remit and responsibility and as a doctoral candidate – as research students are called – you are an important part of the research community at Lund University.

Doctoral education cover 240 credits, which correspond to four years of full-time studies. In practice, it can often take a little longer to complete research studies. The programme concludes with a research thesis, the doctoral thesis.

As a doctoral candidate you always have at least two supervisors to guide you through your study programme. One of them is appointed as your principal supervisor.

Doctoral programmes include independent study courses, thesis work and cooperation with the supervisor.

The structure of the study programme and the set requirements vary somewhat from one faculty or subject to another.

Most doctoral candidates have a doctoral position  at their department. Teaching is formally not a part of the doctoral program although some teaching to students at undergraduate and graduate level may be performed in parallel with the doctoral education.

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