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Use and examples

The first impression which meets our visitors, for example online or through printed material, creates an image of the University in the viewer. It is our shared responsibility to work according to the graphic profile regardless of the channel. On these pages, you will find information and tips on how to use the profile in various channels.

To support your work, the University’s graphics manual provides basic rules which describe the various building blocks: logotype, typography, colours, image style and graphic elements. At the end of the manual there are also examples of how the graphic profile can be expressed in various channels.

Download the Lund University graphics manual, in Swedish (PDF 23,7 MB, new window)

Our graphic profile in various channels

On the pages below, you will find information which is not included in the graphics manual, such as how to use the graphic profile on websites, tips on how to profile your activity on social media and advice on email signatures.

Layout and production of printed materials

If you are producing printed material yourself, there are layout templates in Indesign, designed to facilitate the production of material on behalf of Lund University. Basing your design on these templates ensures that you are using the University’s graphic profile and that all important elements, such as the logotype and seal, are correctly reproduced, while giving you support in your layout work.

Download images, layout templates, logotypes, fonts and other graphic elements from the Image and Media Bank

If you want help with layout and production of originals, you can turn to one of our procured advertising agencies:

Read more about our procured advertising agencies

The University’s internal printers, Media-Tryck, also have a layout department which can help you with both layouts and originals at competitive prices. 

Go to the Media-Tryck website


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