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Web publishing

Tools for web publishing

Within Lund University, many different web publishing tools, blog tools and other solutions are used to share information over the internet. For information on what systems are in use at your faculty/department, contact your SamWeb representative, listed on this page.

Web coordination – SamWeb

Common web issues at Lund University are dealt with in SamWeb, a coordinating group set up by the head of the University administration. The aim of SamWeb is to bring about clearer collaboration and a shared goal for the web activities at Lund University. The group consists of representatives from the faculties, Corporate Communications, the library organisation and the University’s specialised centres.

University-wide web solution

The University-wide web solution in Drupal is centrally financed and offered to all units within the University.

The web solution includes

  • an empty website, with basic functionality and designed according to Lund University design templates, ready to be filled with content.
  • training in the use of the Drupal tool.
  • support and user assistance.
  • a technical platform which is regularly updated to ensure operational and IT security, and continuously developed to offer an attractive long-term solution
  • the opportunity to submit requests for further development of the tool

If your organisation is interested in using the University-wide web solution, you can register an expression of interest in a website. You will then be contacted by Web Communications.

Register an expression of interest in a Drupal website (form in Swedish)

User support and assistance

If you are a website manager or publisher with a website in the University-wide web solution in Drupal, assistance and support are available in the quick guide, which is continuously updated.

Go to the quick guide for Drupal (in Swedish)

In case of problems with one of the University’s websites, please contact the Service Desk via email servicedesk [at] lu [dot] se or telephone +46 46 222 90 00. Always state the web address (URL) for the page concerned.

Graphic design and templates for websites

For websites produced on behalf of Lund University there is a style guide with examples of different page types, content components and html code produced by SamWeb. The websites that become part of the University-wide web solution in Drupal are automatically adapted to the web templates. Organisations that have their own online publication systems, and are thereby individually responsible for implementing the graphic design, are also responsible for implementing the framework in the style guide in each system.

If you are unsure of what templates are available, or if you have questions about how to use the graphic profile online, please contact your faculty representative in the SamWeb network.

Engaging external communications agencies

If you need to create a form for which there is no template, for example for some sort of campaign, you can receive help from one of the University’s procured communications agencies.

Read more about the University’s procured communications agencies

Blogs and newsletters

Offer of a University-wide blog solution

The simple definition of a blog would be a website that mainly contains periodically published posts, organised so that the most recent entries are shown at the top. Within the University, there are a number of ways to use a blog. Corporate Communications offers a standard tool for blogs in WordPress. The solution consists of complete templates, in accordance with the Lund University profile, that are easy to use.

What does the offer include?

  •  An empty blog with standard functions* and in accordance with the Lund University design templates
  •  Help getting started with the blog tools (WordPress)
  •  Personal administration of users of and access to your blog
  •  Regular security updates

*Special adaptations, such as installing specific plug-ins or changing themes, are not possible in this standard solution.

Go to the registration form for a new blog within Lund University

Digital newsletters

Tips on how to formulate, structure and work with newsletters:

Download the checklist for newsletters (PDF, 205 kB, new window)

Sending newsletters with information on University activities is part of the University’s external engagement activities. To ensure the sending of newsletters complies with the GDPR, read the information on the page below:

Read more about personal data processing and sending out newsletters 

Online access

In August 2018, a new law on the accessibility of the websites and mobile applications of public authorities took effect as the 2016 EU directive is to be incorporated into the national legislation of all member states. In short, this means that anyone working on the University’s websites – from content managers to web technicians to external consultants – needs to ensure that the websites are accessible to all visitors, including people with various disabilities.

Go to the guide for web development at, Digg (in Swedish)

Checklists for the accessibility requirements regarding websites and mobile applications

To facilitate the work of making LU’s websites more accessible – both with regards to the daily work and in contacts with external suppliers, for example, in case of procurement – the current accessibility requirements for technology, education and content are available as checklists, developed by the company Funka.

Funka is a consultancy, which originated from the Swedish disability movement, that operates within the field of accessibility. The company participated in the EU’s work on the new web accessibility directive.

Go to Funka’s website

One of the purposes of the checklists is to include the accessibility aspect at an early stage of a development project, preferably already when forming a project group. They can also be used in the ongoing work of maintaining and developing websites. The checklists are partially based on the international Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and on the guidelines available on They are also based on user tests and expert evaluations, and are currently used by a number of Swedish public authorities. They include detailed descriptions of which professions are affected by the various points – from web developers and designers to editors and administrators. If you are interested in receiving these checklists, please email webbredaktion [at] kommunikation [dot] lu [dot] se

Go to to learn more

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University Specialised Centres
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Corporate Communications
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Petra Svensson
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Related information

If you encounter problems with any of the University’s websites, please contact servicedesk [at] lu [dot] se, +46 46 222 90 00. Always state the web address (URL) for the page concerned.

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