Disciplinary matters

Here you will find information on what constitutes a disciplinary offence and how disciplinary matters are processed. You will also find templates on how Lund University employees can report suspected disciplinary offences.

Provisions on actions against students who, for example, cheat on an exam, violate codes of conduct, or harass others can be found in chapter 10 of the Higher Education Ordinance. You can reach this by clicking here on this link Higher Education Ordinance (1993:100) (opens in the same window) on the website for the Swedish Council for Higher Education.

Procedures for dealing with disciplinary matters:

More on penalties for disciplinary offences and on the administrative procedures

Learn more about disciplinary matters and penalties for disciplinary offences:

Students involved in disciplinary cases may seek support and advice from the Student Health Counselling, the Student Ombudsman at Lund University Student Union as well as the Doctoral Student's Ombudsman at Lund's Doctoral Student Union. Contact details for each of these functions you will find by clicking on the links below. Each page will open in the same window.

Should you file a report, feel free to inform the student in question about these opportunities for support. Contact information for the Student Health Service, the Doctoral Student Ombudsman and the Student Ombudsman can also be found under “Contact”.

For any questions regarding disciplinary matters in general, or about your case specifically, please contact Johanna Alhem or Maria Hamberg at the Legal Division. See “Contact” for contact information for the Legal Division. 


For questions about the process in disciplinary matters, contact:

Johanna Alhem
Legal counsel
johanna [dot] alhem [at] legal [dot] lu [dot] se
+46 46 222 09 85

Maria Hamberg
Legal counsel
maria [dot] hamberg [at] legal [dot] lu [dot] se
+46 46 222 08 90

Nicolina Levander (leave of absence)
Legal counsel
nicolina [dot] levander [at] legal [dot] lu [dot] se


Note! Send your report to:

disciplin [at] lu [dot] se


For support and advice for students, contact:

Student Health Service
+46 46 222 43 77

The Student Ombudsman
studentombudet [at] lus [dot] lu [dot] se
+46 70 456 66 13

The Doctoral Student Ombudsperson
domb [at] ldk [dot] lu [dot] se