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How to use e-signatures

signing document.
Is it time to switch from pen and paper to e-signatures?

The University now has a signature service, eduSign, which can be used for internal signatures within LU and also when someone from another higher education institution is to sign. All those employed at LU can use eduSign.

When a document is signed using eduSign, a text section is added at the end of the finalised document. You can see who has signed and when. A document with e-signatures has a unique digital key, which means that it is subsequently possible to validate signatures. Validation of digitally signed documents is carried out in eduSign’s validation service.   

A digitally signed document is a digital original, which is to be saved digitally according to the instructions in the Records Management Plan. It is important to immediately save the digitally signed document in the register or the system specified in the Records Management Plan. This strengthens protection of the content and signatures, and the document will be easy to find.

Use eduSign

Important aspects to bear in mind:

  • The format for documents to be signed must be PDF or XML.
  • You cannot combine e-signatures and regular signatures – use one or the other.
  • Never print out the digitally signed document in order to save it. This eliminates the possibility to validate the signatures.
  • The digital original is to be registered promptly or saved in the system designated for the document. 
  • Do not mix signatures from different signature services or e-signatures and signatures on paper.  
  • In most cases, it is appropriate for the process owner to decide whether e-signatures are to be used.

If you have questions about e-signatures – contact the Central Registrar’s Office: registrator [at] lu [dot] se (registrator[at]lu[dot]se)